Florida OL recaps FSU, Arkansas

Austin Bland is a talented offensive line prospect from St. Thomas Aquinas High and Scout caught up with him to discuss the latest.

Austin Bland has BCS scholarship offers from Cincinnati and Purdue and is hoping to add more. He is being recruited by Florida State and Arkansas and took in camps at both schools in recent weeks.

"They went really well," Bland said. "No offers yet I think mainly because of the size issue but I did excellent at both camps."

Bland, 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds, first recapped his experience at Florida State.

"It was my third time up there and as usual I felt home," he said. "I loved it. At the camp I only attended the first day and then for the second day one practice. I felt I did pretty good on the one-on-ones. I did not get that many reps but did great every time I went."

The Noles have been showing interest but what about a scholarship offer? Bland explains the situation.

"Basically what Florida State is telling me is they wanna see me my first three games and that's how they will evaluate me," he said. "They might be a little bit hesitant because of the knee surgery (from earlier this year). They already have four offensive linemen and they're only taking one or two more so we will see what happens."

Bland also recapped his experience at Arkansas.

"At Arkansas on Friday I got a tour of the whole school with Coach K and I loved it," he said. "That's another place where I can see my self playing. The campus was not that big and only about 20,000 students but I like that. He also showed me the weight room, stadium and the facilities. I fell in love with the stadium as soon as I saw it because how enormous it was. Then the next day was the camp. I showed Coach K what I had and he said I had great feet. For it being my first contact since December I felt tremendous. On the one-on-ones I was body slamming three and four-star kids to the ground. I played guard and center there and felt comfortable at both. I've been talking to Coach K since February so it was great to finally meet him."

So where does Bland stand in terms of a scholarship offer from them?

"For the offer, none yet. Because of my knee I believe they're a little hesitant as well so they wanna see me play live. But Arkanas was one of the best trips of all the schools I visited this year. And I really hope they will offer pretty soon as well."

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As a Prospect: Bland is yet another in the long line of talented offensive line prospects to come out of St. Thomas Aquinas. He plays mostly guard now and could play guard or center in college. He knows the game very well. He plays with a high motor and really gets after it. He can pull, get to the second level, and provide a lot of athleticism to the position.

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