Florida WR adds new offers

Myles Gaines is a talented wide receiver prospect from Lincoln High in Tallahassee and Scout caught up with him to discuss the latest.

Myles Gaines (5-10/170) landed early offers from Navy and Appalachian State and he wanted more so he attended a few camps over the summer. He told us about his experiences at them.

"My last camps I went to were Yale, Harvard and Princeton, all last month," Gaines said.

Yale - "They offered. I really hit it off with the coaching staff and enjoyed the football atmosphere a lot."

Harvard - "They also offered. They have great tradition and they're success in the Ivy League was reflected in the coaching during the camp."

Princeton - "They didnt offer but said I was high on their recruiting board. I was really impressed with the campus and facilities. I liked the coaching as well."

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