Ragin recounts recent BYU visit

Last Saturday, Wilsonville High School outside linebacker Johnny Ragin was in Corvallis watching the Beavers of Oregon State run through a practice, and received an offer afterwards. Ragin also visited BYU recently.

Regarding his Oregon State visit, Johnny Ragin said, "It was good and we were able to attend practice and it was really high tempo as well. Coach Mark Banker offered me a full-ride scholarship afterwards."

Ragin now has offers from Oregon State, BYU and Portland State.

"I'm very appreciative of the Oregon State offer as well as the BYU offer," said Ragin. "They're both great communities and I'm very happy about it."

Before he attended Oregon State's practice, he and his mother Ruth flew out to Provo, Utah.

"It was good being out there and seeing the coaches in action," said Ragin. "It was definitely a different feel than a Junior Day-type thing. My mom and I had a good time there and we really enjoyed ourselves."

There were a few things Ragin was able to gauge that caught his eye. One was how the coaches interacted with their players.

"What really stood out to me and my mom was how the coaches really cared about the players," said Ragin. "They really get involved with the players and aren't sideline coaches. In the scrimmages they would be in the drills with the players coaching them up on what's really going on. The team really seems united and it was an all-around good practice."

Coach Poppinga, who is the one that first evaluated Ragin, is very interactive with his players during practice. It's very common to see Coach Poppinga out on the field while a play is in development giving instruction and correcting their mistakes.

"Yeah, he's a great coach," said Ragin. "It was really awesome to see how the coaches are so immersed with the players on the team. It's pretty awesome to see."

Seeing how BYU conducted practice gave him a better understanding of what to expect from the school.

"Being at practice, it definitely showed me that BYU is a top-quality football program with other benefits associated with the program," Ragin said. "They're a great academic institution as well as a spiritual institution. It was a great experience for my mom to see that and we are really lucky that we got the chance to."

The visit helped raised the value of BYU in Ragin's eyes.

"Oh definitely, because it gave me the opportunity to be around the coaches more and see it from a different perspective," said Ragin. "Seeing the coaches in action and seeing the facilities more, it helped me a lot."

The outside linebacker from Oregon also spoke to a couple current Cougars about their college experiences.

"Yeah, I talked a little bit with Kyle Van Noy and Adam Hine, the freshman running back, who is starting out his eligibility this year," said Ragin. "Kyle and I were talking about some of the defensive schemes and about what it's like going to school there. He told me that it is a great place and that he likes it really well out there."

The visit also went over very well with his mother.

"My mom really liked what she saw and she just loved how the coaches really cared about the players. She really liked the overall environment and feel of the campus. She didn't really have any preconceived notions about BYU before we got there. She knew that BYU is a great institution but just wanted to get out and see it for herself."

Ragin wants to study business in college, so he was given a tour of BYU's top-notch business school.

"It was really nice and I really liked the business department there," Ragin said. "We got a tour of the facilities with a tour guide by the name of Tom. It was a good time being over there and seeing all facilities and what they have to offer."

As for choosing a school, Ragin is still taking his time and will make a decision after the season starts.

"I think I'm pretty open right now and just want to take my time and look at the options," said Ragin. "I just want to see what I think about each school. Then I'll probably make my decision the third week of the season."

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