Road Report: St. Paul's Scrimmage

A trio of talented football programs gathered for a uniformed scrimmage to workout the kinks before the Friday Nights come on. John Curtis, Brother Martin and St. Paul's took part in the event which featured unique format. The field was divided in half and each team rotated in and out playing on each side of the field mixing in both starters and reserves in mass.

Brother Martin

Florida State commitment Ryan Hoefeld is a really intense player.

Despite the scrimmage type atmosphere, Hoefeld played with a lot of effort and competed hard every snap.

Hoefeld has spent some time playing tackle on the high school level, but his physical attributes and skill set are best suited for interior play.

A projected position of center appears to be on the money. Hoefeld has a more compact body style and carries some quality weight in his lower half.

Unlike many of his high school peers, Hoefeld does not have a lot of baby fat to lose once he hits a college weight room.

2014 OL William Clapp dressed, but I was only able to see him during warm-ups.

While he may end up on the inside as a guard, Clapp has the wingspan and frame to possibly give it a go at right tackle.

Clapp still has some filling out to do. Once he gets into a college weight room he could play at 315+ without limiting his dexterity.

St. Paul's

Safety Jay Washington did some nice things. Playing on both offense and defense, Washington showed some flashes.

Safety appears to be a little more comfortable for him. Washington is quick to the ball and he has a knack for diagnosing the play early and getting to the spot.

While the big hits will wait for Friday nights, Washington was very active on defense.

Linebacker Ed Duplessis is an intriguing prospect. Still a little on the lean side, Duplessis has the frame to pack on some muscle and play the college game.

Duplessis runs pretty well and should have no problems covering up a tight end or buzzing the flats when a running back leaks out into the pass pattern.

2014 slot receiver Marcus Gaines was a player I was interested to see in person.

Gaines is one of the fastest players on the Northshore and he has the track times to prove it.

A little on the small side, Gaines did show a nice initial burst getting off of the line. The rising junior looks to have the straight line speed to be a threat, but his size and ability to make people miss in the open field will be questions he will need to answer over the course of the next year.

John Curtis

Duke Riley continues to be a central part of the defensive effort for Curtis.

Riley has very good speed and should have no issues getting back in coverage.

Most schools are projecting an outside linebacker spot and that appears to be on target.

Riley plays best in space and is a good open field defender. Making those hard nosed plays in the box is something Duke will continue to work on.

Sherman Badie is a north/south runner with just enough wiggle to be a handful for a DB once he gets the corner.

Badie runs with some authority and is able to power through arm tackles. He really runs behind his pads well.

The talented senior has the chance to be one of the most productive backs in the state of Louisiana this fall.

Tevin Horton helps Badie deliver a pretty solid one, two punch on the ground.

Horton does not have the size that Badie does, but they have a very similar running style.

Much like his fellow senior, Horton is content to power through would be tacklers rather than simply evade them.

Horton can be a very physical and punishing runner. He has a low center of gravity which makes him very tough to tackle.

2014 linebacker Kenny Young might prove to be the best college prospect on the current Curtis roster.

Young runs well, has very good size and a knack for getting to the ball.

Expect big things from Young this fall and even bigger things in the spring when those scholarship offers start rolling in.

2014 wide receiver Malachi Dupre is an impressive looking prospect.

Dupre has great length and an unreal catch radius.

While the ground and pound attack of John Curtis is not exactly the best scheme for a wide receiver, Dupre will have the chance to make some big plays this fall.

During the scrimmage, Dupre was bracketed by double coverage, timed his jump wrong and still caught the pass for a touchdown.

His stats may not be gaudy this fall, but his ball skills and potential are not in question.

Safety Mattrell McGraw has the makings of a very good college defensive back.

McGraw has great length and good recovery speed. While the deep ball was in short supply yesterday, the rising junior showed that he is not easily fooled by play action.

I really like him a lot and I believe he will be a prospect of interest for several programs.

Sophomore safety Hunter Dale is another impressive safety who has the makings of a BCS caliber prospect.

Dale really looks the part and he is able to pull up and play well in run support to.

While he may need a little help lining up from time to time, Dale does a very job reading and reacting once the ball is snapped.

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