Thomas scheduling official visits

Three-star offensive lineman Poet Thomas will begin taking official visits this fall. Is SMU in his plans?

For 2013 offensive lineman Poet Thomas, environment and team chemistry means everything. Thomas, who hails from Detroit (MI), plans to take a visit to SMU in the coming months and team camaraderie is what he'll be looking for most.

"I'm going to be looking for a great environment," said the 6-foot-6 295-pound high school senior. "I want to see how the team talks to each other and communicates with each other, team bonding, everyone being together and being cool that can make or break a championship team."

Thomas says that he wants to begin to zero in on the schools that he's really interested in and one of the important aspects of doing so is taking visits to his prospective colleges, which include SMU, Florida, Colorado, Texas Tech, Kansas, and others.

"I want to start to narrow it down to my top three or four schools and hopefully start to make my decision," Thomas said. "I think I'm at the point now where I need to start visiting and seeing these schools and making my decision. I know they're great schools, but I want to see it."

Although Thomas says that he definitely plans to visit SMU soon he hasn't been able to contact defensive line coach Bert Hill as of late because of his hectic summer workout schedule.

Thomas said that he has worked the hardest that he possibly can this summer trying to get faster, stronger, and more acquainted with the offensive line position which he is fairly new at.

"I stayed in the weight room I can tell you that," Thomas said. "I worked with a trainer every day except for Saturday working on my foot speed. My strength has increased a lot in the past couple of months.

"(I'm) trying to get used to offensive line. All my offers are at offensive line so I might as well prepare for it. When I'm not in the weight room, I'm either running or at a camp or something trying to get better for my team."

Thomas, who says that SMU is most definitely one of his top five schools, says that he likes the fact that SMU will be making the move into the Big East, and he thinks the Mustangs have the talent to be a top contender.

"I think they'll be successful in the Big East. I think they're going to do well," Thomas said. "They have the players and everything across the board it's just getting out there and doing it."

Thomas' focus now is on the upcoming season, which will start on Thursday. He says he has a few goals that he wants to accomplish during this season with the biggest one being a state title.

"State Championship… that's exactly what I want. I'm a real competitive guy. I don't like losing anything," Thomas said. "Another thing is trying to get my teammates better by encouraging them to keep pushing. I just want to be a mentor to these young guys. I know three of them for sure are going to the next level to play Division I football as long as they work hard so just being a mentor, winning district and regionals and then winning a state championship, those are my goals for the season."

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