Billings Ready for Decision

Waco lineman Andrew Billings faces a big week with both Zero Week and his college commitment on the horizon.

On one 20-yard run in a tri-scrimmage with Belton and Austin Johnson, Andrew Billings showed why he's become one of the more highly recruited linemen in the state of Texas.

Playing offensive tackle, Billings pancaked the defensive end immediately on top of him, then used his mobility to get downfield and bulldoze a safety on the move. It was all there: explosive strength, athleticism and a nasty streak. Afterward, Billings admitted to having a gleam in his eye when he locked onto the smaller defender.

"All of us o-linemen, we think we're special," Billings said. "We think we're [athletes], so it's always fun to get out there and cake those kids. It's really fun."

Billings said that his Waco teammates played well in their tuneup prior to next week's Week Zero start, only citing "the little things" as concerns.

"We just need to get together, get the little things right and hopefully win state," Billings said.

But the season's start isn't the only think Billings is looking forward to this next week. The mammoth lineman — seen by some as an offensive lineman, and by others as a defensive tackle — said he wants to make his college commitment within the next week. He'll be choosing from a top five that includes Baylor, Mississippi State, SMU, TCU and Texas, and he said they're all "pretty even."

Billings talked about what he liked about four of those schools:

Texas: "They want me for the offensive line. Coach Searels has talked about how he can teach me how to snap and teach me how to play guard. They are the [only] ones who want me to play offense, which is fine."

Baylor: "Of course, Baylor wants me on defense. Coach Norwood, and really the whole coaching staff, I have a great relationship over there. I feel like I can call them whenever, and they can call me, or we can talk on Facebook, just about whatever."

Mississippi State: "The defensive line coach down there, he knows what he's doing. He's older, but he's funny though. And he says that we're going to play aggressively and shoot out like a pass rush pretty much every time."

TCU: Coach Patterson is great. I have a great relationship with him. He's pretty funny. We stay up. But the d-line coach down there, he said some crazy things like he's going to put me out in zone. I was like 'oh yeah.' I like that kind of stuff."

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