Scouting Notes: Cass Tech vs Brother Rice

When you put two teams who won state titles last year on the same field to open the season, expectations are high, but Cass Tech and Brother Rice lived up to the hype and so did key players on both sides of the field.

- Because it was in a losing effort, I think people may easily overlook Jon Reschke from last night, but the Michigan State commit had a great game. He was all over the field. He plays full board, as fast as he can possibly go all game. He ran guys down to the sideline, and Cass has some speed, and he's a sure tackler. He's also a leader, a tough kid, and a kid who not only gives it his all, but plays with some attitude too. Lot to like in the 4-star prospect.

- Speaking of linebackers, people always ask me who the best of Cass' group of juniors is: William White, Gary Hosey, Deon Drake. How about this? They're all good, and all in their own way. White had a huge game with 14 tackles and a sack. He's a big hitter who's physical and sticks his nose right into the action. Hosey is thick, strong and can run too. After seeing him break a 74-yard touchdown run, I suspect some schools may look at him as a fullback too. Drake is the one with the offers right now, but I think Hosey and White will join him. Drake had a solid game. Maybe not as flashy as the other two on this night, but he was in on a number plays and also had a few nice runs at tailback.

- Damon Webb showed why he's considered an elite 2014 prospect. It's one thing to do it in camps, it's another to come up huge on a big stage. I knew he could cover, which he showed again. I knew he had good ball skills, which he showed again, but I wanted to see if he'd tackle and hit somebody. He did that too.

- The discovery of the night, for me, because I had only heard about him going in, was Brother Rice junior kicker Jason Alessi. He has a big leg, and played well at safety too.

- Cass has a big offensive line and they played well. They kept quarterback Jayru Campbell upright for the most part and opened up some big holes. Michigan commit David Dawson had a good game. I'll have to watch the film over again, but he looked good in pass protection when I was able to focus on him, and actually, did well playing defense too. That was the first time I had seen him play on that side of the ball. Dennis Finley also had a good game. He had a couple of key blocks on a couple of the big runs, including a kick out block on Gary Hosey's big touchdown run that won the game. While they sometimes get overshadowed by the tackles, center Aaron Sumner and guard Dominick Hamilton are talented guys who will play college ball as well. Hosey's run went right behind Hamilton, who helped clear the way.

- Michigan commit Jourdan Lewis had a relatively quiet night by his standards, but he came up with some key plays including a touchdown pass off a pitch, a nice punt return and a couple catches. This tends to happen with Cass corners when they're seniors. Lewis' big year last year came when teams threw away from Terry Richardson. Richardson's big junior year came as teams avoided Delonte Hollowell. Hollowell had six picks as a junior with Dior Mathis on the other side. This year, it seems like Webb may benefit for Lewis getting less balls thrown at him.

- Illinois commit Kenton Gibbs had a good game. He put a huge lick on the quarterback and made a couple other plays in the backfield. He's not a 330-lb plugger, he's a quick, disruptive guy whose game is based on getting off the ball and creating havoc in the backfield. He did that a few times tonight. Iowa commit Delano Hill wasn't tested much, but was in on a few tackles. The same goes for Toledo commit DeJuan Rogers.

- Brother Rice running back Brian Walker is a tough, bowling ball type runner. Because he's a thick, powerful kid, I think people under estimate his speed, but he got outside and even made some people miss. His forte is downhill though and he does that well. I think he'll have a big year.

- Unsung hero for Cass: junior slot/back Sean Perry, a quick jitterbug with good hands out of the backfield.

- Brother Rice has some guys who may not necessarily be D1 guys, but are good players who should play at some level. Quarterback Cheyne Lacanaria is tough, hangs in the pocket in the face of pressure, and has a nice arm. Tough task going against a defense with potentially double digit Division-1 guys and a secondary with three BCS kids, but he had a nice night. He's not big at all, but he'll find a home. Linebacker Lucas Cherocci is active, smart, and was in on a lot of plays as well. I think senior offensive linemen Griffin Anderson and Kyle Marsh will play at the next level too.

- Junior to watch on Brother Rice is slot receiver Joshua Flye. He made a highlight reel one handed grab and a couple other plays. Not big, but quick and can obviously go get the ball.

- Cass has some other young guys to know about. Sophomore defensive end Joshua Alabi had a good game. We saw him do well at camps this summer and he carried it over.

- Sophomore quarterback Jayru Campbell is a guy everyone knows about already. This performance was solid. His interception came on a 4th and long where he had to take a shot. I thought he made good decisions, tucked it when he had to and didn't force anything. He's maturing.

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