Two Remain for Reid

Daniel Reid burst onto the Virginia high school football scene last fall. The Thomas Dale High (Chester, Va.) running back had a huge junior season which led to several scholarship offers. Now, Reid appears to be closing in on a college decision.

"I'm down to Virginia Tech and South Florida," said Daniel Reid. "My coach told me that it would be best to go ahead and narrow it down because I have a lot of schools coming at you – it can get kind of hectic – and you can lose focus. So he said focus on the two schools that you like the most – stick with those schools – and go visit those schools."

With that said, Reid will visit one of those schools soon.

"I'm going to Virginia Tech for an unofficial visit this Monday when they play Georgia Tech," he said "I'm also going to take an official visit to South Florida as soon as I get the OK from my dad."

The two schools are similar according Reid.

"Right now, they are like you are staring at yourself in the mirror," Reid said. "Basically, whatever one school does, the other school says the same thing or is pitching the same lingo."

The race for Reid's commitment is tight.

"The two are dead even to me, but with my parents, Virginia Tech is a little bit ahead because of the location of the school," he said. "But they said it is my decision. They would like me to stay close to home, but at the same time, my dad grew up a couple of minutes away from Tampa. I also have a bunch of family that lives pretty close to South Florida campus."

Reid expected to have his decision made by now, but the process got pushed back. However, he is now preparing for his official visits.

"I planned to make my decision pretty soon, but what kind of altered the plan is that I never got to take those visits," said Reid. "If I had gotten my visits in, I think I would have already made my decision."

"I should be able to get down to South Florida sometime in September, and I'm also going to take my official visit to Virginia Tech at some point."

Now that he has a new schedule, Reid knows when he would like to have his decision out of the way.

"I would like to make my decision by late September or early October," he said.

There will be a few factors that will help Reid make his choice.

"The first thing is academics," Reid said. "Second thing is a place where I fit in. It has to be a place that I'm going to grow as a person, as a player, and as a man. The last thing is the depth chart –when am I going to see the field – and when am I going to have a chance to compete for a starting role."

Thomas Dale takes on Clover Hill this Friday.

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