Barrett 'Lickin' His Chops'

Nabbing his fourth offer Monday, following a thrilling season-opening victory Saturday, cloud nine is where Dallas Skyline's 2014 lineman Ty Barrett currently sits. He won't be there for long, though. "Got to get back to work," he says. He's hungry for more, staying humble through it all.

Hungry for more wins, that is.

"I loved the intensity we came out with," he said of Saturday's 42-28 win over the Woodlands (Texas) at FC Dallas Stadium. "We were ready to beat up on someone else."

It was Barrett's first start for the top-ranked Raiders.

"Our right tackle is hurt, he's not even playing. So it made our O-line come out that much more hungry. We just fought the whole game. We pretty much dominated the Woodlands line- gave up no sacks. If Kincade got touched, it was when he was running out of bounds. We held it up."

He laughed.

"We watched film today and our offensive line coach and offensive coordinator were giving (Devante) Kincade a hard time, saying, 'Kincade, look at you, you're just sitting back there in the pocket. You need to thank your line.'"

"We do what we do so he can do what he does."

What Kincade (committed to Ole Miss) did was account for 376 yards of total offense and 6 touchdowns, connecting with Oklahoma State pledge RaShaad Samples on four.

"When 'Shaad started scoring over and over and over, they didn't know what to do," said Barrett. "We jumped on it."

All this said, "There's always room to improve," he noted. "Coach Samples always preaches putting a body on a body and we did that last week. We can do it again this week, but even better."

Skyline next welcomes in Arlington Martin Friday in a 7:30 p.m. matchup at Dallas' Forester Stadium.

"I'm lickin' my chops for this one, probably going to lose sleep this week," exclaimed Barrett. "I'm ready to go up against Myles Garrett. I know what kind of defensive end he is. I'm ready."

He credits teammate and SMU commit Roderick Moore for helping prepare him all summer, and through fall camp.

"At Dallas Skyline, you're going up against Division I talent every day at practice, which makes games easier," Barrett explained. "Roderick- that's a battle every day, man. He's the best defensive end I've faced to this point. He prepares me every day, every week. He'll make sure I'm ready Friday."

This competitive drive is what several schools like about the 6-foot-5, 300-pounder. Louisiana-Lafeyette is the latest to slap an offer down, making its place alongside Ole Miss, West Virginia and Texas Tech in the race.

The only offer Barrett has visited to this point is Texas Tech. "I was supposed to go to Ole Miss with Kincade in August, but we didn't get to go. Some stuff came up. I'm thinking about going to the Ole Miss-Texas game (in Oxford Sept. 15)."

Texas A&M could also possibly be a visit. Barrett made his first trip to College Station in July, where after impressing Sumlin and his staff at camp, has been in communication with them since.

"When I went down there, I thought it was for sure they were going to offer, but they couldn't offer me on campus, so I had to wait. No offer yet, but we still talk. I'm going to be patient. It's really not bothering me, though. They do it, they do it. They don't, they don't. Either way, I'm just excited with all that's going on right now."


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