Sunshine State Week Two Report

The first week in Florida is the Kickoff Classic/Jamboree games, in week two the regular season started and FoxSportsNEXT was on hand for several great ones. Here is a week review from Sunshine State.



Bradenton Manatee

Manatee won the State Title in 2011 and the 41-6 win over Miramar on Sunday made them the heavy favorite to repeat. A domininant defensive line, a savvy, experienced starter at QB, and plenty of play-makers make this team very difficult to beat. Manatee has the ability to match-up with any team in the state and they currently hold the No. 1 ranking by at least one poll. Up next is a trip down the road to Sarasota Riverview (also a power in the 80s and early 90s).

Top 2013 Prospect Performance:

Manny Morgan, RB, Naples

Senior running back Manny Morgan went for over 250 yards rushing and a 73 yard TD reception. The 5-foot-7, 190 pound Morgan is one of the most consistent, durable backs in the state and he simply does not go down on first contact....ever. He showed his versatility with the TD catch. He ran for over 1,300 yards last year and seems poised for 2,000 this year. He is being lightly recruited and that should change at some point. Morgan can fit into a variety of offenses and plays the game with great passion.

Honorable Mention: Monty Nelson (DT- Plantation), Derrick Calloway (DT- Manatee), Blake Keller (DE- Manatee), Cord Sandberg (QB- Manatee)

Nielly has the potential to develop into a top offensive linemen
Geoff Vogt,

Top 2014 Prospect Performance:

Ware, Denzel

Williams, Shedrick

Bailey, Alvin

Bodkin, Ander

Denson, Ira

Bostwick, Jaynard

Johnson, Shamar

Paul, Sean

Vickers, Johnathan

Peete, Devante


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