In Person Eval: Devin Voorhies

Devin Voorhies burst on to the scene last fall as one of south Mississippi's most productive quarterbacks. The talented Voorhies was just good enough as a passer to keep defenses honest and skilled enough as runner to make plays with his feet when protection broke down. FOXSportsNext was able to see Voorhies in action against Amite County in week two and Devin did not disappoint.

Devin Voorhies profile

Despite a rainy night in Woodville, Mississippi, Voorhies led the Wildcats to a blow out win over rival Amite County.

Voorhies lines up behind center on the high school level, but he knows that his future in college will not involve throwing passes.

As a quarterback, Voorhies is getting by on athleticism and often heaves the ball down field rather than throwing it.

Voorhies worked out at LSU's summer camp as a receiver and he worked as a defensive back and a receiver at Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

Now committed to LSU as an athlete, Voorhies will likely spend his time patrolling the Tigers' secondary.

Voorhies is a long strider who can cover a tremendous amount of real estate in a short time which gives him the ability to run down a lot of passes deep down the field from a free safety position.

With his 6-1, 190 pound frame, Voorhies has the ability to bulk up and maintain his speed and dexterity.

Unlike a lot of high school players growing into their frames, Voorhies is a very fluid runner who shows no signs of stiffness.

The talented junior essentially plays center field in Wilkinson County secondary. Bringing him into the box might prove to be a mistake.

As the team's quarterback, Voorhies is too valuable to the team to risk injury.

Voorhies has the size and speed to be an extremely good college safety. He has a catch radius that will make him very tough to throw over and he has the athleticism to do more than just bat the ball down.

Once he can focus on one sport and one side of the ball full time, you will really see him flourish.

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