Moore Limited in Early Season Action

Four star running back Kailo Moore has put up some huge numbers over the course of the past three years. The Magnolia State speedster has been limited in his chances to fill up the stat sheet so far this fall. Heading into week three, Moore is eager to get on the field and make a major impact.

Kailo Moore profile

Three weeks into the 2012 football season, Moore is still looking for his first rushing touchdown of the campaign.

"I had a stomach virus the first week and I got dehydrated in the game against Clarksdale," explained the West Bolivar star.

"Last week I only played two series on defense and I had a couple of returns.

"The game got out of hand and Coach said he didn't want me to get hurt in a game we where already winning big."

The Eagles take on Cleveland Eastside this Friday and Moore is raring to go.

"This week is the big match-up. I can't wait," said Moore. "I am ready to go play.

"I know they are going to try to shut me down because all think all we have is a running game.

"Coach has some twists on offense this week, so you might see me line up at wide receiver and then you might see me back at running back."

Moore reports that several schools have informed him of their plans to attend this Friday's game.

"Mississippi State is coming, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Southern Miss and a few more," said Moore. "Coach Mullen is supposed to show up in a helicopter right before the game.

"There's a bunch of big schools coming to watch the game, but we're all going to be focused on playing football."

Once his Friday night contest is over, Moore will be looking to get a good night's rest before an early morning drive over to Starkville to see the Bulldogs take on Auburn.

"I am looking forward to seeing them play this week," said Moore. "You could just tell that the offense is looking good last week.

"I know it was just Jackson State, but you still have to execute no matter who you play and they did that.

"Mississippi State is going to beat Auburn. I'm going to go ahead and say that".

As a Bulldog commitment, Moore is more than just a casual observer when it comes to this important SEC match-up.

"I feel like a win over Auburn will shut a lot of people up," said Moore. "Some of these people have been saying that the only SEC West team they can beat is Ole Miss, but they are about to see.

"A win over Auburn would be big for the whole program and it won't be the last big one either."

Despite his best efforts to take a lower profile in the recruiting process, rumors continue to follow the talented Moore.

The four star standout admits to being frustrated with some of the talk, but he does his best to take it all in stride.

"I don't know where a lot of this stuff comes from," said Moore. "I guess when I say that I might go to a football game somewhere else that people think I am going to visit other schools.

"I might go to a football game somewhere else if Mississippi State has an away game and I don't feel like going somewhere way off.

"I am not looking. I am solid to Mississippi State.

"I am not going to take any official visits except to Mississippi State.

"I enjoy going to college games, so I might go to another game, but that's all there is to it."

Last week college coaches were able to make their first phone calls of the fall. Moore heard from a few schools.

"September 1st was the first day they could start calling, so I heard from (Mississippi) State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Southern Miss," said Moore. "I have been so busy with football and my homework, I haven't been having a lot of conversations with other people.

"(Mississippi) State is the only one I really be talking to."

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