Shumpert Returns to Starkville

All players look to close out their high school careers with a senior season to remember. For IAHS running back Ashton Shumpert, the 2012 campaign will be memorable for reasons not related to on the field performance. As the Indians prepare for their fourth game, their four star running back has not taken a snap. Shumpert hopes to get back into the flow this week pending a doctor's release.

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"I really think I am going to play this week," said Shumpert. "My spleen was still a little bigger than it was supposed to be when I went to the doctor on Thursday.

"It has gone down some, but it's still a little bit bigger than they say it's supposed to be.

"I feel like when I go back to the doctor this Thursday that I am going to be cleared."

IAHS had a bye on Friday night, but Shumpert still got his football fix this weekend.

"I went to Mississippi State for their game against Auburn," said Shumpert. "It was real exciting.

"I enjoyed the game and I got to go into the locker room after the game and congratulate all of the players.

"I talked to a couple of the coaches too. They were all real glad that I came."

After taking some time to reflect on Saturday's events, Shumpert picked up the phone and called MSU head coach Dan Mullen.

"I talked to Coach Mullen and he told me how glad he was that I came to the game," said Shumpert. "He told me that he wants me to keep coming back over there to see them.

"Mississippi State is right up there with me. I have to admit that my passion for them grew a little bit after seeing how they played against Auburn."

This weekend, the Rebels of Ole Miss will get the chance to host Shumpert as a guest for their game against Texas.

The Bulldogs and Rebels are considered two of the top contenders in the race for Shumpert's signing day autograph, but the four star is in no hurry to tip his hand.

"I am still planning to wait until after the season to make my decision," said Shumpert. "I am still thinking about everything and listening to what everybody's got to say.

"I don't want to rush into anything. I want to take my time and make the best decision."

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