Kenny Lacy is a Bruin

He wasn't planning to make such an early decision but when offensive lineman Kenny Lacy left the UCLA campus on Sunday, he knew he found his new home.

Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe lineman Kenny Lacy took his first official visit this year to UCLA over the weekend and committed on Sunday.

"It was everything, I can't name just one thing I loved about the place," Lacy said. "The game atmosphere was great and I really like the direction the program is going in. I have a real good relationship with Coach Klemm, the OL coach and I know he'll push me to make me the best player I can be.

"Academics are big to me as well and UCLA has a great academic reputation. My parents came out with me too and they loved it there as well. I never expected to commit but everything just felt right there and I didn't see the need to put it off. I'm very excited right now, I feel like there's a weight off my back lifted and I'm excited to be a Bruin and start recruiting some other players."

Despite the commitment, Lacy said he plans to follow through and take the rest of his visits.

"UCLA knows about that and they said they're fine with it," Lacy said. "I already have trips dates set with Nebraska and Arkansas and I'm going to still take those visits. I have Oklahoma set too but that one isn't 100%, I'm not sure if I'll still take that one but I might.

"My commitment is solid though and I'm a Bruin. It's a great all around school and I'm excited to be a part of the program right as they're turning the corner. They have a OL class already coming in and Coach Klemm wants me to compete for playing time right away. If you're ready, you can play early there and that's what I'm hoping to do."

Greg Biggins has been covering recruiting for over 15 years, covering the West since the mid-1990's and currently serves as a national analyst for
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