Callaway Explodes In Showdown Battle

Last weekend's battle between Elyria and Grafton Midview was one of Ohio's top matchups, and the final score of 37-27 in favor of Midview was a surprise. Junior quarterback Cody Callaway was amazing in the win, marking himself as a top 2014 prospect in-state.

Grafton (OH) Midview junior quarterback Cody Callaway had reason to be concerned heading into last week's game with Elyia and their impressive defensive line, led by Ohio State commit Tracy Sprinkle.

Elyria came into the game as the favorite, with 14 sacks defensively to their credit. But Callway, 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, stole the show, throwing for 441 yards and four scores, leading Midview to the 37-27 upset win.

"This was easily the biggest win of my career," Callaway stated after the game. "We were very well prepared for this game, and we played very well. I thought I played pretty well, but I did have one interception that ticks me off."

"This year I'm definitely bigger and faster, but the biggest difference is the game has slowed down so much for me," he added. "I've been starting since late in my freshman season, so I have a lot of varsity experience under my belt. Tracy Sprinkle is a great player, but I was only sacked once, so the credit goes to my offensive line for keeping him under control."

Callaway threw for over 2,000 yards last year as a sophomore, and college recruiters are starting to take notice of his talents. He is also a top-flight baseball prospect, and holds several college scholarship offers for his work as a shortstop.

"I have 13 offers for baseball, including Kent State, Ohio State, Tennessee, and a lot of MAC schools," he admitted. "I definitely like both sports a lot, but one more year will help me make the decision of which sport to pursue. You never know, I might play both at the next level, and some schools have mentioned that."

"For football, I will be going to visit Ohio State for their game with California this week," he explained. "I've also been talking to Kent State recently, and they are talking about letting me play both sports for them. I've also spoken with Buffalo, Miami of Ohio, Ball State and West Virginia. I visited West Virginia last week and loved watching the way they play on offense, especially Geno Smith. They said they like me a lot, and they told me I'm their number-one recruit in Ohio for the 2014 class."

"Michigan wants me to come up for a game, and so does Michigan State," he continued. "I plan on visiting both schools and I like both football programs a lot, but nothing is set up yet."

With interest coming from both baseball and football coaches, Callaway knows one day he will be facing some tough decisions.

"I really want to wait until my upcoming baseball season is over before looking at making a choice, to be honest," Callway stressed. "I want to see where I think I am as a baseball prospect, and also see if there are any offers to play college football."

"Next summer will be a key time for me, but I did both last summer and it all worked out," he continued. "I was able to get to a lot of college football camps, and still attend the baseball showcases. I love both sports, and right now they don't really conflict with each other."

EVALUATION: I've really liked Callaway since seeing him throw as a 15-year old freshman. Although he doesn't possess a rocket for an arm, nor is he ideal-sized, this kid is a winner and an excellent athlete. Callaway can move well enough to avoid sacks, and also has the speed to tuck the ball and run for yards. He has good arm strength, which should get even stronger as he adds bulk and muscle. Callway should draw Division-I football offers, and at some point he will need to decide which route he is going to go. He knows where to go with the football, has a quick release, and is extremely smart. There is a lot to like about Cody Callaway.

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