Getting the Memo

Jamaal Clayborn and Jackson Academy will look to extend their 25 game winning streak when they take on Heritage Academy this Friday night. Clayborn is pleased with how things have gone and he believes the Raiders are really beginning to hit their mid-season stride.

Jamaal Clayborn profile

"The season is going really good," said Clayborn. "I feel like the offensive line is doing a real good job.

"Our running back is averaging over 200 yards per game."

Clayborn put in a lot of extra work in the off season ensure he was in tip top shape for his senior season.

"I got my bench up to 415 and I am squatting real well," said Clayborn. "I am seeing a big difference in my strength this year.

"When the season is over, I plan to take some yoga classes to work on my flexibility."

Clayborn committed to Mississippi State and since his announcement things have been pretty quiet on the recruiting front.

"I still hear from Ole Miss a little bit, but it's been pretty quiet," said Clayborn. "I think everybody pretty much got the memo that I am done.

"I am happy where I am. I talk to the coaches at Mississippi State just about everyday."

The Bulldogs are off to a 3-0 start and Clayborn has been able to see them in person for two of those victories.

"I have been to all of the home games and they are playing well," said Clayborn. "I don't feel like they can sub as much as they want to on the offensive line.

"I feel like they need some more depth on the line, but I like what I have seen so far."

A friend of Clayborn's, redshirt freshman Justin Malone, has taken a lot of snaps on the young season for the Bulldogs.

"When I see that it let's me know I can do the same thing," said Clayborn. "I know when I come to camp, I am going to have to come with a chip on my shoulder.

"I feel like I have more to prove because people think that just because I come from a private school that I haven't gone up against this guy or that guy.

"I know I can go up against the best of them."

Clayborn plans to attend the Bulldogs' home game this weekend when they host South Alabama.

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