Green Recaps Pittsburgh Trip

Defensive back prospect Reggie Green of Cranford (N.J.) High made an official visit to Pittsburgh over the weekend and spoke with FOXSportNEXT about the trip, and whether he is close to making a decision.

After making a weekend official visit to Pittsburgh, Cranford (N.J.) High defensive back Reggie Green could be nearing a decision.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pounder said watching the Panthers upset Virginia Tech, then spending time with the coaches and players on the team gave him a very good feel for the program, but he wasn't tempted to commit.

"I wanted to go home and gather everything and talk to my parents and coaches,' Green said. "I'll probably make a decision soon as where I want to go."

Temple is the only other program Green is talking with on a serious level, and they are discussing a possible official visit, but one is not set up yet.

During his trip to Pittsburgh, Green was hosted by Deaysean Rippy, but he was able to speak with a lot of others players as well.

"I talked to them about how they feel, how practice is, and how they like the school," said Green, who is being recruited to play safety. "It was nice to talk to them."

It was a long weekend for Green, especially given he carried Cranford to a 21-0 win against Somerville (N.J.) High on Friday. Green, who plays quarterback for the Cougars, completed 1 of 4 passes for 14 yards and ran 22 times for 248 yards and three touchdowns before waking up early Saturday to head to Pittsburgh.

"We got there and went to the hotel and then went over for pregame warm-ups and got to see a little of that," Green said. "Then, we watched the game and we went out with some of the coaches and had dinner. A few players took us out after and we got to hang out with the team.

"On Sunday, I got a tour of the whole campus, and all the facilities, and I got to see the whole academic part. We had a meeting with the academic people and then we had lunch and I went back home."

Green called the atmosphere for the Panthers' win "great," and he discussed what stood out about the visit.

"The people around the campus and around the town are really supportive," he said. "I liked the atmosphere around the town, and I liked how the team works, and how they hang out a lot. I learned a lot from going to Pittsburgh."

Green also spent time with the coaching staff, who did not pressure him to commit.

"They said if I'm ready to commit, to make sure I'm ready to commit," Green said. "They said if this was the place for you …if something happened and you got hurt and couldn't play football, would you still want to go to school here?"

Green added he could see himself playing for Pittsburgh, and attending the school even if football wasn't in the equation.

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