Samuel Learning From Experience

Artimas Samuel knew for several months that he would likely spend the fall semester at Hargrave Military. After signing with Mississippi State, the Georgia standout enrolled at Hargrave in the quest to earn his NCAA clearance. With a few weeks in Chatham, Virginia under his bet, Samuel appears to be settling in.

Artimas Samuel profile

"Things are going just fine with me," said Samuel. "I was recently promoted in my class and I am working hard and doing the best I can with everything out here."

Samuel admits that going off to military school was a shock to his system at first.

"It's a lot different here, but we have all come together as a group," said Samuel. "We are here working towards the same things.

"We are a band of brothers now and we're all working hard.

"Everybody has to deal with the same things, so we all look out for each other.

"It's like I said, we've become a band of brothers."

Samuel is on track to finish his coursework and enroll at Mississippi State in January.

"I am excited about getting down there," said Samuel. "I talk to Coach Sallach a good bit and I have talked to Coach Mullen some.

"They are always asking me about how school is going and about how I am doing up here.

"Coach Sallach said he is looking forward to me getting there for the spring."

Samuel is approaching 6-3 and recently weighed in at 246 pounds.

"I got a little big this summer, but now that I am in practice and I have been working out, I am a lot stronger than I was," said Samuel. "I dropped some weight once we started practice, but I am at a good size now and I am playing hard."

The time away from home has allowed Samuel to learn some valuable lessons about life.

"The main thing I have learned from all of this is to just do things right the first time," said Samuel. "When an opportunity is in front of you, you have to take it.

"While it's been hard at times, it's been a blessing to be here.

"I have learned a lot and I am taking care of myself up here.

"I had another chance to get things together and I am taking advantage of that."

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