Holmes Still High on Michigan

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas WR Corey Holmes was one of the many prospects Michigan dropped in on this week. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the father of the c/o 2014 standout to get the latest on his recruitment, visit plans, thoughts on the Wolverines, and more.

Corey Holmes Profile

Sam Webb: How is the season going for Corey so far?

David Holmes: “So far, so good. Unfortunately, you know, we had that game on ESPN two weekends ago, and we lost to Don Bosco Prep on ESPN. We should have won that game. We outplayed them, but came up short. Special teams kind of killed us, but Corey’s been having a pretty good year. He’s got eight catches so far, like about 150 yards, about 60 yards in kickoff returns, so he’s doing well. He’s heading in the right direction.”

Sam Webb: So since he visited Michigan and received the offer from the Wolverines, how many more offers has he picked up?

David Holmes: “As a matter of fact, we were at the Notre Dame/Michigan game, and Notre Dame offered him. We were up there for the weekend. Louisiana Lafayette offered him last week, Notre Dame on Saturday, and then prior to that was Florida State. So he has – right now, he has eight offers: Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Rutgers, Louisiana Lafayette, and Notre Dame.”

Sam Webb: How did he like the Notre Dame experience?

David Holmes: “Oh man, let me tell you, what an honor. We went up there for the weekend for the game and they showed us a wonderful time. They gave us a tour of everything.  We got a chance to meet a lot of people.  Notre Dame said that they were high on him, and they told him over the summer that an offer was probably forthcoming, but a lot of schools say that. But to actually come out, bring him in the room, and say ‘hey, we’re offering you a full scholarship’, I mean, we were on cloud nine. It made us feel really good, you know? To get an offer from Notre Dame, I mean…put it this way: we were at the game Saturday, and he has offers, as a junior, from both schools, and you’re talking about two of the most prestigious schools in the country -- Michigan and Notre Dame. It doesn’t get any better than that. We were extremely excited and happy about that.”

“One thing I want to make clear that loss against Notre Dame has no bearing on how we feel about the program. Coach Hoke is an unbelievable coach, a stand up guy, and we respect him a lot. We’re just going to go through the process enjoy supporting the program.”

Sam Webb: So as far as Michigan is concerned, outside of the visit here this week, have you guys really had an opportunity to talk to them very much?

David Holmes: “Yeah, Corey talks to them often. He gets a lot of letters from them. Michigan has been very very active, especially after September 1, when they were allowed to reach out and touch base with him. They’ve been very very active, which is a great thing.  Corey was really excited when he told me Coach Heck came down and came to his school (earlier this week) and watched practice.  That was exciting for Corey.”

Sam Webb: Have they talked to you guys at all about getting you up to a game?

David Holmes: “Yeah, as a matter of fact, I just talked to Coach Montgomery yesterday and he was asking me when we were going to make it up to a game.  The thing is last weekend was Corey’s bye weekend and we were hoping that Michigan was playing at home, but they weren’t.  Otherwise, we would have went to the Michigan game, but Notre Dame happened to be playing Michigan at home, so it worked out great because he was able to see both teams, you know? So we’re hoping that next year Michigan plays a home game during his bye weekend. You can definitely count us in there.  If not, were just going to have to try to make some other arrangement. Maybe they’ll have a night game on a Saturday night and we’ll try to get up for that. We’d have to leave on Saturday morning, because our games are Friday nights, so it’s a scheduling thing.”

Sam Webb: I remember when we talked this summer you said you didn’t want Corey to rush this process. You wanted him to take his time and make the right decision.  Have you guys spoken any more about game plan as far as that’s concerned?

David Holmes: “Right now, it’s still up in the air, but definitely not this year. Definitely not his junior year. I think the earliest will probably be the beginning of his senior year, maybe. I don’t know. Another thing too, it depends on what changes the NCAA has because I was explaining to him over the weekend that the NCAA is looking into changing some things as far as visits.  What’s happening is a lot of kids are committing to schools, and once they commit to schools, then schools aren’t allowing them to take visits, so then a kid is kind of locked in.  When I was coming up we did them after the senior season and committed after we took our visits, but things have changed.  It’s unfortunate that the NCAA hasn’t stepped in earlier, because it’s difficult on kids, because the earlier you commit, the fewer visits you can take, because a lot of schools don’t want you to go visit. Once you commit to them, they want you to shut it down, you know? And I understand where the schools are coming from. I totally understand. Because, if you get a kid committed, you don’t want someone to come in and take them away.  On the other hand, as a young kid, I think – like I said before, I think they work so hard, they should be afforded the opportunity to visit different schools. Even if they like one school in particular, they still should be afforded that opportunity because you only go through this opportunity once.  You don’t want to blow that opportunity, and then you kick yourself down the road, like ‘man, I should’ve gone on some visits’, so hopefully the NCAA makes some changes, especially with these early commits.  But we’ll see.”

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