Morris talks about visit to Nebraska

The second of a duo of UCLA commitments in Lincoln this weekend for an official visit this weekend is Memphis (Tenn.) East offensive tackle Christian Morris. Morris, who went to Lincoln along with Kenny Lacy, just got back home to Memphis. What did he think about the trip to Nebraska?

Christian Morris, a 6-foot-6 and 285-pound offensive tackle, from Memphis (Tenn.) East is a UCLA commitment and took a trip to Nebraska this weekend. Morris got to Nebraska during the afternoon on Friday.

"I got there about 3:30 on Friday," Morris said. "I was able to go to meetings that day and I got a chance to hang out with my player host who was Vincent Valentine. I also went to the team meal and then to a movie."

On Saturday morning Morris was doing some more of the visit including much of the support staff for the student-athletes. He also got some down time.

"I have a whole lot of meetings on Saturday morning. I got a chance to sit down and talk with all of the coaches, the the strength and conditioning coach, the nutritionist, academic support and then I got some down time. We played NCAA."

Before the game Morris said that he was down on the field during warm-ups and then in the locker room right before the game. Morris was able to go through the walkway the players come through for the tunnel walk.

"Man, that was crazy. I was speechless coming through there. All of the fans knew who I was. There were all cheering us on. We were on the sideline for the tunnel walk. There was a lot of energy in the stadium for that."

Morris got a chance to see Nebraska run their offense then against Wisconsin. Morris says that he wanted to get a closer look at what Nebraska wants to do on the field.

"They do a little bit of everything. Everyone told me all they do is the option and they didn't run any option that night. I am interested in playing in an offense like that. I am down for anything that makes me better."

The reports have come in from most of the other recruits that the crowd on Saturday night was a little loud. Morris agrees with them that the crowd made it very difficult for the Wisconsin offense to function.

"It was loud. The fans were all going crazy. the fan base is wild there at Nebraska. There was maybe one seat empty in that entire stadium that night. They were all tailgating for most of the day too. That was impressive."

Morris said that he didn't know what to expect on the visit. He heard a lot of things going into the trip that turned out to be false.

"The trip made a big impact on me. There were a few people that were saying some things that weren't true. People said there was nothing there and it was in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't true."

As stated before Morris is a UCLA commitment. The trip couldn't have been a lot better for him though, but he still does consider himself to be a UCLA commit.

"The visit was a "9". Nothing could have been better. Everything was really perfect. I am still committed to UCLA, but I am still open to Nebraska and Oklahoma. I visit UCLA on the 17th and I will visit Oklahoma after the season."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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