Junior Athlete Taking Trips

Columbus Hartley junior defensive back Alonzo Saxton is one of Ohio's top 2014 prospects, and he is on the radar of several top programs. Saxton has been busy with unofficial visits, and FoxSportsNext caught up with him to get the latest on his recruitment.

Alonzo Saxton has already hit the recruiting radar of several BCS programs, even though the Columbus Hartley defensive back is only mid-way through his junior season.

Hartley, 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, impressed last year as a sophomore starter, and he has continued that fine play this season. He is in the process of taking unofficial visits, and last weekend saw him in Illinois.

"Illinois went pretty good and I spoke to most of the coaches before the game," Saxton stated. "They were really excited to see me and were happy I was able to get there again. I got to speak with Coach (Tim) Beckman, and he was letting me know how interested he is. He told me they really want me at Illinois. It was real exciting being there, and it was good seeing these coaches again."

"Illinois is right up there for me, and I have the best relationship with these coaches right now," he added. "I've known these guys longer than coaches from any other school, so Illinois is most definitely high on my list. It was my second trip to Illinois, and I liked it a lot. I'm being recruited by Coach (Alex) Golesh, and we get along great."

Illinois isn't the only top program interested in Saxton, and he discussed what other teams are in contact with him.

"I have six offers right now," he explained. "They are Illinois, Toledo, Purdue, Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Northwestern. I've been to Northwestern, Michigan State and Notre Dame for games so far this season. All three were great, and it was more of an introduction to the coaching staffs. At Northwestern, I was able to spend time with the coaches, and they seem very interested."

"Notre Dame was great, but the day I was there they had a lot of recruits in that were seniors," he indicated. "I really didn't get to talk to the coaches much because they were spending time with the seniors, and that was understandable to me. There were guys there with offers, and they needed to focus on them. I loved everything I saw at Notre Dame, and I would love to have that offer."

Saxton has more unofficial visits on the horizon, as the top 2014 Ohio prospect attempts to learn more about each of the schools recruiting him.

"I'm also hearing from Boston College and we talk pretty often," Saxton said. "Duke seems very interested and I'm going there this week for a visit to see what they're all about. They think I could fit in there really well. I'm going to go to Indiana the week after Duke, and I need to get to Ohio State at some point. I will probably go to their last game with Michigan, unless I get there sooner. Ohio State wants me to get there for a game and they seem interested. I want to see as many schools as I can now, before the junior days and camps start next year.

He also took the time to comment on his play this season, and how would rate his individual effort to date.

"My play has been pretty good this year, and our defense is really good," he stressed. "I'm doing what I'm asked to do, and my play has been consistent. For me, I think I've made the plays that were available to me. I think I'm getting better every week, and that's what I'm focused on mainly. I had more opportunities last year to make plays it seems, because people were coming after me far more than this year."

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