Scouting: Crete-Monee vs Chicago Bloom

Crete-Monee went to 6-0 with a win over Chicago Bloom (4-2) on Saturday. Fox Sports NEXT was there to check out some of Crete's top prospects, including senior receiver Laquon Treadwell, junior linebacker Nyles Morgan and others.

#6 Laquon Treadwell WR C-M Sr. - 2013
We knew Treadwell was big (6'2, 190) and had great hands, but he's more of a complete receiver than he was last year. He has good feet and change of direction for a bigger guy and showed impressive open field elusiveness. He may not be a true burner, but he has good speed and can create separation. He showed what he can do when the ball is in the air, going up and making grabs over top of defenders on several plays. He also showed that he was not only a willing, but more than capable blocker. He is strong, gives great effort in that department and regularly physically overwhelmed opposing defensive backs.

#5 Nyles Morgan MLB C-M Jr. - 2014
Morgan has good length and a good frame. He can really run too. He gets to the football quickly and ran down a lot of plays that others wouldn't get to. I'd like to see him get stronger, and he also has to play a little more under control at times, but his footspeed, aggressiveness and ability to drop into coverage makes him a guy who could fit into a variety of roles and systems.

#7 Lance Lenoir WR C-M Sr. - 2013
Lenoir had a good game, making several big plays for Crete in the passing game as well as in the return game. He's a smooth kid, good athlete who runs nice routes and has some wiggle after the catch. He's not a pure speedster, but he gets himself open, catches the ball well and has a knack for making plays. It's not out of a question a late D1 offer comes, but I think he'd be a great pickup for an FCS or D2 school.

#18 Omari Stringer FS C-M Soph - 2015
Great size (6'4, 185) for a young guy. Wasn't really tested in coverage in this game, but was willing to come up and lay some big hits, one which ended up knocking him and the ball carrier out of the game.
#10 Marcus Terrell QB C-M Sr. - 2013
Good solid player who throws it with good touch and can throw on the run. Should find a home at a lower level school.
#8 Deon Benton CB C-M Jr. - 2014
Good player who did a nice job in coverage as well as coming up and supporting the run. Will need to show he has the speed needed for the position this summer at camps.
#1 Jaylen Dunlap S C-M Sr. - 2013
Tall, rangy kid who should draw a lot of FCS and D2 interest, especially after the season.
#99 Chris Slayton DE C-M Jr. - 2014
Great frame at 6'5, 235-lbs. He was active in this one and made some plays in the backfield. Probably will grow and be more of a five-tech or possibly even a full blown defensive tackle.
#10 Malcom Hurt OLB Bloom Sr. - 2013
6'2, 215-lb kid who played aggressively and put some big hits on ball carriers.
#77 Darryl Carr DL Bloom Sr. - 2013
Good frame at 6'5, 225. Plays inside at that size, and did a good job of blowing up some run plays. Should be a guy some schools at smaller levels take a look at.

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