'15 with offers from 'Big Three' in Florida

Sophomore cornerback Jaylin Hayward already has offers from FSU, Florida and Miami. He's already highly touted with a long way to go.

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Jaylin Hayward is a sophomore cornerback from the state capitol of Florida. This member of the class of 2015 from Tallahassee Godby is on track to be one of the top defensive backs from the Sunshine State.

"He's just a player," said Ronnie Cottrell, Godby's coach. "Jaylin is a true 100 meter guy that is a football player. Many say he's the top defensive back from Florida in his class. He can play anything and cover anybody. He averages 20 yards per carry and 20 yards per reception. But I think he's a cornerback with an incredible future. He could be a pro cornerback."

That's saying a lot considering Hayward has only played one full season and is in the midst of his second. Then again, he already has some impressive scholarship offers.

"Let's just say that Miami, Florida and Florida State all offered him when he was a freshman," Cottrell said. Hayward is 5-foot-9 and 170-pounds. He had 18 tackles and one interception as a freshman. He also rushed for 220 yards and four scores and had 13 receptions for 257 yards and two touchdowns.

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