No Rush to Make Decision

At this point in the summer, many prospects have either gone ahead and made their decision or have at least trimmed their list down to their favorites. Tony Temple informs that he is just not quite ready yet, but he does have a few schools in mind.

Tony Temple has received attention and recongition from all across the country. Ultimately, maybe it should be no surprise Temple has not trimmed his list at this point with all the options available. However, is that really the reason?

"I'm just ready for my season to begin," Tony said. "The only thing I'm focusing on right now is the upcoming season and my performance. I owe it to the people of Rockhurst and my teammates to be completely focused."

Has the tailback set up any official visits at this point?

"No, I have not, but I do not plan to take any during the season. My season will be my only worry, and then after the season I will sit down to begin to make my decision.

Still does Tony have any schools in mind for visits?

"USC has told my coach they are interested, and I know I'd visit there if they offered as I'm learning more about them. Michigan is still showing a lot of interest, but I'd have to find out what their plans are with the two backs they have committed now. I still plan to visit Missouri, Kansas State, and Notre Dame. Iowa is a school I'm becoming more familiar with as they have some fans around my area. I'm also keeping UCLA in mind."

First and foremost, Tony will be joining his teammate and cousin CB Steve Redmond, a Missouri Tiger commitment, to take Kansas City Rockhurst back to the state title. How is the team looking?

"We are looking very good. We have a transer wide receiver, Jason Tomlin, coming in and I believe that Steve is ready to shine this fall. I'm excited about the season."

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