Hartley Taking Trips, Looking for First Offer

Hilliard (Ohio) Bradley junior offensive lineman Skylar Hartley has taken a few trips and has more coming up.

Hilliard Bradley has a physical, 6'3, 280-lb junior offensive lineman in Skylar Hartley, who is still searching for his first offer, but has been out taking visits, and hearing from a number of FBS programs.

He had a chance to head down to Bloomington last week to see Indiana take on Michigan State.

"It was good. It was a fun experience. I shook the offensive line coach's hand, and that's about it. I loved atmosphere. They went out there and looked like they had a great time playing football. I love intense football, so it was good to see."

Before that, Hartley visited a couple of other schools, including nearby Ohio State, where he says it was a great trip.

"Ohio State, that was an experience I'll never forget. Ohio State sends e-mails and invites to games, and that's about it. They sent me the invite the week before."

Before that, Hartley was at Pittsburgh, which was a positive experience for a couple of reasons.

"That was good. I had a good visit. I've been a big Steelers fan, so it was awesome to see Heinz Field."

As for other schools interested, Hartley says, "I've visited Akron, and I'm going to Michigan soon. I think we're going to try to go next week. Illinois has sent mail, Cincinnati, and the most mail I get is from Michigan. I usually get a couple letters from them a day. I get mail from Ball State, and I think that's it."

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