Early interest in Richardson

Who's Byrnes next top prospect? It might be Tavin Richardson. The sophomore wide receiver has great size, ball skills, and potential. Some schools know about him early.

"I recently visited Georgia when they played Tennessee and Georgia has been showing a lot of interest in me," Tavin Richardson said. "I have talked to Coach [Tony] Ball and he told me I could be a tremendous player there at Georgia. He likes me a lot and I like Georgia too."

The Dawgs are just one school showing interest in this 6-foot-4, 210 pound wide receiver out of Duncan (S.C.) Byrnes.

"I am hearing from Georgia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, and North Carolina right now. I have been to all of those schools except for North Carolina so far."

His only visit this season has been to Georgia, but he took a trip to Blacksburg over the summer.

"Virginia Tech had been showing a lot of interest in me and they wanted me to come up, so I took a visit up there. I wasn't up there during football season, so I have not seen that part yet, but I was able to meet the coaches, see some of the campus, and I liked it up there a lot."

The school he has liked since he was a kid is Clemson. He started going to games there when he was in the sixth grade and he remembers that first experience well.

"I loved when the team came running down the hill," Richardson said. "After that, I really started to like Clemson. I have been there for camp and been there for games, so I have been there a few times. I still like them and they are showing a little interest in me right now."

Even though the Tigers were the school he starting liking very early in life, there are two other schools a little higher on his list right now.

"Georgia and Virginia Tech are my top schools. I have visited both, I like the coaches there, and they are both great schools."

Richardson plans to get back to Death Valley though in the very near future.

"I will be at Clemson next weekend to see them play Virginia Tech and I am looking forward to that. It should be a great and exciting game."

This tall wide receiver out of the powerful Byrnes program is only a sophomore and he is someone who caught Scout's attention Friday night. Look for many schools to recruit Richardson in the coming months and for him to become a target for numerous programs in the coming years.

Scout's Take: Richardson has great size and he really catches the ball well. He is someone we picked out early before the Gaffney game Friday and he did not disappoint. He can work on his quickness off the line of scrimmage, but he is a big receiver, a long strider, someone with strong hands, and a young receiver that runs solid routes. He has a lot of natural ability.

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