The Right Fit for Seisay

The American Canyon (Calif.) athlete, Chris Seisay, knew that Oregon was the right fit for him and that played a big role in him switching his commitment to the Ducks...

American Canyon (Calif.) athlete Chris Seisay went through a time in June where all seemed so clear where he wanted to go.

He had long hoped to go to Boise State and play receiver, and the Broncos offered him the chance to do both, though most schools liked him as a corner.

But a week after committing to Boise State, Seisay went to the Oregon camp with some teammates and impressed the Duck coaches.

Before he knew it, an offer from Oregon came, and Seisay, with his family heavily encouraging him, switched to the Ducks.

"The whole Boise State thing, I committed after the camp but I really didn't talk with my parents that much about it," said Seisay. "Then Oregon offered (after their camp) and I wanted the opportunity to play at that level and my family wanted me to go to Oregon as well. It was hard at first because I liked Boise State, but Oregon was a great place for me and it was a great position to be in."

Seisay had liked Oregon too, and once the opportunity to play there presented itself, he knew that Oregon was where he should be, even though he had just given a commitment to the Broncos.

"I always liked Oregon a lot and I looked at them for a long time, ever since I was young," said Seisay. "They always looked good and consistent with their coaching staff and they won. Coach (Nick) Allioti had my area to recruit and I know that he's one of the best defensive coordinator's that Oregon has ever had."

Seisay visited Oregon officially when the Ducks hosted Fresno State, but said he wants to get back up to Eugene next month.

"I want to go up for the Stanford game, and I'm going to go to the Cal game when Oregon plays there," said Seisay.

Seisay and fellow Oregon commit Darren Carrington, who committed the same weekend, stay in regular contact.

"We knew each other from the Oakland Nike Camp and then we were both at the USC camp," said Seisay. "Then we both went to the Oregon camp at the same time, got offered and we both committed. We try to talk with some of the players from De La Salle to come with us."

Seisay knew that switching his commitment from Boise State to Oregon would also mean switching which side of the ball he'd play in college.

He wanted to play receiver more than corner, and the Broncos were happy to oblige, but the Ducks wanted him in the secondary, and he put aside his dreams of offense for a future on defense.

"I felt like I'd be more successful being a 6-2 corner than at receiver," said Seisay. "If they wanted to move me to safety, I'd do that, I'll play wherever they need me. I just know I'll most likely be playing corner and definitely on defense."

Seisay's coach, Ian MacMillan, was the defensive coordinator when Oregon safety John Boyett was playing at Napa.

"My coach told me that Boyett had always been a hard worker, and he always knew that Oregon would be a great place for me and I'd be in a great position like John," said Seisay.

Seisay said he's been pleased to see the Oregon defense this year, especially after their performance over Arizona.

"I knew they would be good this year, but I didn't realize they would be shutting down, great offenses," said Seisay.

On the year, Seisay has 18 receptions for 403 yards and six touchdowns and recorded 36 tackles, a sack and an interception.

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