Novoselsky Talks Badgers

2014 Lincolnshire Stevenson offensive lineman Zach Novoselsky talks about a recent visit to Wisconsin, his impressions of the offense and more.

2014 Stevenson High offensive lineman Zach Novoselsky of Lincolnshire, Ill., had a pretty exciting weekend.

"My weekend was great," Novoselsky said. "I had a chance to see some Badger football in Wisconsin."

Not only did Novoselsky visit Madison, he found out the Stevenson's pairing in the Illinois High School state playoffs.

"I like our match-up because we have already played Warren," Novoselsky said. "But they are a very good team, so it should be an exciting game."

But back to the Badgers, a trip that Novoselsky enjoyed.

"I loved Wisconsin, it is probably one of the best atmospheres in college football," Novoselsky said.

But what exactly did he do while in Madison?

"Matt Morrissey and I went up and were able to see their strength and conditioning areas and listened to a couple of speakers," Novoselsky said. "They talked about academics and courses specifically for the football players."

There was one thing that stood out to Novoselsky about his weekend visit.

"What was really impressive was the atmosphere," Novoselsky said. "And the fan base, it all really felt like an NFL game, with the stadium as full and loud as it was."

Another thing that Novoselsky liked was Wisconsin's offensive line play.

"Wisconsin handled Minnesota for the most part," Novoselsky said. "And their offensive line was impressive to watch."

He added, "They are all huge, but quick at the same time. Wisconsin takes a lot of pride in their offensive line."

As for Novoselsky's general recruiting, its going well too.

"I am mostly just receiving some things from Illinois and Wisconsin," Novoselsky said. "But I hope to hear from more schools that I have talked with in the future."

Novoselsky doesn't have any other visits planned as Lincolnshire Stevenson enters the playoffs Friday night.

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