Bunting Talks Hawkeyes and Visits

Hinsdale Central wide receiver/tight end 2014 prospect Ian Bunting talks about a recent visit, where he is headed next and the IHSA playoffs.

2014 wide receiver Ian Bunting of Hinsdale Central High (Ill.) has taken several visits this fall, the most recent being to Iowa.

"I really like the coaches at Iowa, that's one of the most important things to me and those guys are real with you," Bunting said. "They are very serious about what they do, but they know how to have fun too."

But that wasn't all that impressed Bunting.

"When the strength coach was speaking he said if you don't plan on graduating college, then don't come to Iowa," Bunting said. "Academics are extremely important there and that's important to me too."

The 6-foot-6, 215 pound prospect recapped exactly what he did while visiting on FOXSports NEXT.

"Once we got to school we ate and then got a tour of the facilities and the weight room and the practice facilities," Bunting said. "And it was pretty fun. Then we headed down to the field for pre-game and watch warm-ups and watch them run out and then we watched the game."

One of the things that Bunting enjoyed the most, was the atmosphere of the game.

"They get into it that is for sure," Bunting said of Hawkeye fans. "Especially because it was their one night game, each section alternated yellow or black so there were patches of yellow and black and it was pretty cool."

Iowa isn't the last scheduled visit for Bunting this fall, he has one coming up Saturday.

"This weekend I am going to Wisconsin and then hopefully next weekend as long as our playoff game doesn't interfere than I will head down to Purdue," Bunting said. "After that I will try and set up a visit to Michigan."

Hinsdale Central enters the playoffs Friday as they take on Oak Park River Forest, and even though Bunting's status is uncertain as he returns from an ankle injury -- he has used the past few weeks to his advantage.

"I gained some weight during my time off because of my ankle," Bunting said. "I lifted a lot and ate a lot -- I gained about 12-15 pounds."

Bunting has an offer from Purdue, but plenty of other schools are expressing high interest in him.

"Iowa definitely made it clear that they were very interested so that was reassuring," Bunting said. "Northwestern and Wisconsin are probably going to wait to see how the playoffs go for me this season."

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