Rodriguez Felt Right at OU

Dalton Rodriguez felt right with Oklahoma and that is why he pulled the trigger on a commitment back in the off-season. caught up with him to see how he has been progressing so far as a senior and get his feeling about a recent trip to Soonerland...

Dalton Rodriguez, a 6-foot-6, 250-pound defensive end from Tulsa (Okla.) Union High feels like he has become a more complete player as a senior. He has added some new skills to his repertoire.

"My pass rush is way better than it used to be. Overall, my pass defense is way better than it used to be," Rodriguez explained. "I have been practicing a lot of hand drills."

"Last year I had six sacks, but most of the sacks came from me shooting a gap. This year I am getting them by just lining up and just beating someone. The coaches don't have Slant us cause they have faith that. We can just line up and make plays."

Back on May 5th the talented three-star prospect made a commitment to play for Oklahoma over offers from schools like Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arizona, Arizona State and Tulsa.

"When I went down there for Junior Day and talked to the coaches it just felt right," Rodriguez informed. "All the coaches introduced themselves and talk to you and and make you feel welcome."

The Sooners actually recruited Rodriguez to play offensive tackle, but are not ruling out that he could also end up on the defensive line. They are keeping the options open to his physical development.

"They offered as an offensive tackle, but explained that is not necessarily where they see me ending up. They said I more of an athlete than a lineman. I could play O-line or D-Line and see what I put on (weight wise) and how I progress for them."

"This off-season I got to work some offense. I was actually pretty good for not having any technique at all. I am decently big guy. I am open to both and see what happens when I get there. I am just excited to be a part of the Sooners."

The 'Green Country' big man was one of the many visitors on hand to see the monumental match-up between the Sooners and Notre Dame. OU found itself on the losing end of the tilt, but the atmosphere was still amazing for the recruits on hand.

"That was my first time to make it down this year," Rodriguez began. "It was really good atmosphere. We got to be down on the field until about 30 minutes before the game started and and could feel the energy. You could really feel the crowd. It was real good atmosphere."

Tulsa Union has won the 6A State Championship four season in a row and are looking to get back to the big game again this season. Currently, the Redskins are 6-2 on the year. This weekend they will square off against Ponca City (Okla) High.

"I think honestly our biggest opponent is ourselves. If we practice hard and prepare and we just focus on ourselves and what we have to do then we should be good for the playoffs."

Rodriguez has yet to schedule his official visit. He plans to take it after the season, so that he can concentrate on an expected playoff run.

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