Exciting Weekend for Stelter

A playoff win and his first offer from a BCS school all in one weekend for Owatonna (Minn.) junior defensive end Andrew Stelter.

Two milestones came in as many days for Owatonna High junior defensive end Andrew Stelter this weekend. On Friday, his team scored a 49-28 victory to move on in the state playoffs, and on Saturday, he added an offer from Minnesota on a visit to the school.

"It was awesome. It was sweet Friday to win and get to go to state for the first time since 1999 for our school, then get my first D1 offer was exciting."

The 6'4, 235-lb Stelter thought the offer might be possible, but he still needed to hear the official words come from the Gophers.

"I had a little thought in back of my mind because I talked to them the night before, and I was going bring some buddies up, but they said they were hoping I'd bring my Dad up because they needed to talk to me before the game, so I thought there was a chance. I got there, they pulled me and my dad aside and Coach Kill, Coach Glasscock, and Coach Phelps talked for a couple minutes about football, the team going to state, and then they offered me right there."

Stelter was born and raised in the state, so to have this offer come was significant for him.

"It's really cool for them to be the first one. The last couple years, I've really gotten into it. The game was good. There were a lot of people there."

The state playoffs is the focus for Stelter, but taking visits to other schools is possible.

"I'll probably try to get to one or two more games this year. Next week, I'll try to get down to Iowa and then maybe back to Nebraska. I have to see."

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