East Gadsden's Honey Badger

Little known Jerrell Reynolds is the ultimate player for East Gadsden High School in Havana, Florida in the state's panhandle.

In the good connotation Jerrell Reynolds is often referred to in the East Gadsden locker room as the "Honey Badger". His head coach gives his explanation as to why this nickname.

"It's pretty simple," said Corey Fuller, East Gadsden's coach. "This kid is just a football player. And that's the best compliment you can give someone that plays this sport."

Fuller should know. He starred for Bobby Bowden and the Florida State Seminoles before spending 13 years in the National Football League.

"I have only been here for a short time, for five years," Fuller said. "But he's the best player I have seen. He plays everywhere for us except on the line of scrimmage. He plays the whole field. Jerrell is so tough. And he has this knack for always being around the ball, just like him [Tyrann Mathieu]. He's so smart and really knows the game. Let's put it this way, if he was 6-foot-0 or 6-foot-1, Nick Saban would be all over him."

Despite his 5-foot-8 and 180-pound frame, there are a handful of teams after Reynolds. Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Arizona have all offered him.

Now the question is where does he play and what position will he play? The first part is unknown to Reynolds but not the later.

"I know I can play on either side of the ball," Reynolds said. "But I really want a shot at running back. I just love the ball and love to score. But I like defense too. I love to hit people. I love to hit back."

Reynolds says he's open to the recruiting process and that he will set up his official visits after the season. East Gadsden begins starts their playoff run next Friday.

"I would like to make an official visit to all those schools that offered," Reynolds said. "I know I just want to see them. I can adapt anywhere. Distance is not an issue. I want to meet the staffs and see how hard they push their players. I want to be pushed."

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