Ragin getting more offers

Oregon linebacker Johnny Ragin recently picked up some new offers to go with his offers from BYU and Oregon State. He's also set up a few visits, one to a college that recently offered and another to a school that has yet to do so.

Things have changed for Johnny Ragin since that day in June when he first picked up his BYU Cougar scholarship offer. Now, a number of other schools have joined the fray.

"Everything is going well and I picked up some new offers from Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Portland State right now," Ragin said. "So, I have those offers as well as BYU and Oregon State."

The Wilsonville High School athlete currently has two scheduled visits to on the list.

"I have a visit scheduled this coming weekend for Colorado," Ragin said. "I also have a visit scheduled for Cal Berkeley for December 7th."

However, Ragin has yet to set up an official visit to BYU.

"I haven't set up an official visit with BYU because I've been out there twice already," Ragin said. "Nothing is for sure yet and I've already been out there twice, so we'll see."

While Ragin more than likely won't set up an official visit to BYU, he said it doesn't bode badly for BYU.

"Oh no, nothing's bad and everything is pretty even right now," said Ragin. "I'm just looking forward to taking my trips and looking forward to just talking to my mom and getting everything set."

While BYU and Oregon State were the first two schools to offer Ragin, that doesn't mean they are in the driver's seat.

"I've never really narrowed it down to BYU and Oregon State," said Ragin. "I've never narrowed anything down just yet. Some people have been saying that I have but I haven't just yet."

Meanwhile, Ragin keeps in regular contact with BYU outside linebacker coach Kelly Poppinga.

"Oh yeah, we've been in contact every week," Ragin said. "We keep in touch once or twice a week to let each other know how things are going. So, we keep in contact pretty well."

All season long, BYU's defense has been a spectacle to watch and one of the top performing defenses in the nation. Ragin has been impressed with what he's seen.

"They play really well and I've been impressed with all their defensive schemes they've put together," said Ragin. "I've been really impressed with their intensity that they've played with."

As for recruiting, Ragin will continue to evaluate his options.

"I'm going to take my visits and then make an educated decision after that and see what happens," Ragin said. "After that we'll see what happens."

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