Foundation In Place For Future Husker

With his final season of high school football behind him, Kettering (Ohio) Alter tight end/defensive end Greg Hart knows a foundation has been put in place for him to have success when he reports to Nebraska.

When Greg Hart official signs and reports to Nebraska in the coming months he'll be bringing more than just a solid football prospect. He'll bring with him a winning attitude on and off the field engrained in his 6-foot-5, 215-pound frame since junior high school.

"Alter prepared me really well," said Hart. "I've been surrounded by great people all my life and blessed to be surrounded by the people at my high school. It's definitely been a real blessing as I feel they prepared me in the classroom and on the field with a lot of discipline. I was also surrounded by a lot of great teammates who came together from all over the area and we all took it seriously."

On the field Hart knows the pain of defeat but has experienced the thrill of victory many times over.

"My freshman year we won state and it's kind of weird as I talk with people I know from different schools and different recruits as they can go 7-3 and feel that is a good season for them," said Hart. "At Alter we went 10-1 last season losing in the first round of the playoffs and that is a disappointment. We can win the conference and do everything thing but win state and walk away disappointed.

"My eight grade and freshman year Alter was 30-0. Since I've been at Alter, I've not been part of too many losses and that is what the expectations are here. I've lost like four games since I've been here."

Hart felt the sting of another loss as Alter went down in the first round of the playoffs in a game many felt they would win. Turning in his equipment started his mind thinking towards moving forward and being a member of the Huskers program.

"We turned in our equipment right after the game," explained Hart. "It was really hard as you don't want your season, especially your senior year to end. You know this is the last time you're going to play on the same field with guys you've been playing with since seventh grade and that was definitely really hard for me.

"I'll remember all the guys I was with and the friendships I've made and I'll remember everybody no matter if they were seniors, juniors, sophomores or freshmen. All the guys I've built relationships with is what I'll hold in my heart the rest of my life."

With his season over Hart has made some changes to be ready when it's time to leave and start his college career.

"I wasn't really expecting my season to end this soon," said Hart. "I've played basketball in the past and ran track, but this year I think I want to concentrate on working out. I weight about 215 right now but want to go into Nebraska a strong 225-230-pound, so I'm going to tray and put on some healthy weight and just get a strong base before I go into college."

Having already taken his official visit, Hart took a moment to look back and recall the things that made his trip a memorable one.

"I took my official the weekend of the Wisconsin game," said Hart. "The atmosphere was insane and unbelievable as the whole atmosphere was something I never expect. I remember all the people and all the recruits as well as all the hospitality there and how it was a fun visit."

One thing starting to play on his mind is the fact he'll soon be leaving home.

"I think about it," said Hart. "But at the same time when I go to Nebraska I'll be with people from Louisiana, California, Texas and Ohio. We're all in this together and it's not like with playing football you have a lot of time to go home anyways."

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