More On Redmond's De-Commitment From Oregon

Los Alamitos (Calif.) offensive lineman Alex Redmond made waves on Wednesday when he announced his de-commitment from Oregon. On Thursday, he discussed a few of the reasons why.'s Greg Biggins had the initial report. Redmond said that he's "been thinking about (de-commiting) for a while," and cited a lack of visits to other schools and acting too quickly for making his decision.

"It was too early and I just didn't know what I really wanted," Redmond said. "When you see something that's just so great you just get excited -- and I got excited...I didn't really look at everything that I should have looked at."

"I only saw two places, three places and I just didn't know what I wanted yet and I committed early," he added.

Redmond called the Oregon coaching staff to notify them of his decision. He said that he knows that he can play in the Ducks up-tempo system, but that he needs to sit down and evaluate all of his options.

"It was hard to call them," Redmond said. "It was a tough thing to do. Those conversations are uneasy…I don't think they wanted me to de-commit and I really like Coach Greatwood and Coach Kelly, but I'm just not sure what I want right now."

Redmond also said that rumors of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly's possible departure to go coach in the NFL played a small factor in his decision.

"That was a smaller part," Redmond said. "It was more about the whole picture and not having enough knowledge to base my decision off of yet."

While committed to Oregon, Redmond said he did not talk to other schools about possibly taking visits. Now that he has opened up his options, it's a different story.

"I talked to Wisconsin and San Diego State, but that's it," Redmond said.

Despite the interest from other schools, Redmond reiterated that he still isn't sure what he's going to do next.

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