Spence Talks UM Visit

2014 De La Salle quarterback Shelby Spence took a visit to Michigan and talks about the experience inside on FOXSports NEXT.

Chicago De La Salle quarterback Shelby Spence made the trip to see Michigan take on Iowa Saturday, and came away impressed with the program.

"It was an all around great experience," Spence said. "Michigan has a family atmosphere within their program, they have great facilities, and awesome fans."

He added, "I would say those are the aspects of Michigan that I enjoyed the most."

But what was the day like?

"First we met with the coaches to discuss recruiting," Spence said. "Next we went on the field for pre-game warmups, and then took in the game."

And the game, was one of the things that impressed Spence the most.

"The game day atmosphere was crazy," Spence said. "I liked how they were able to utilize Denard Robinson and Devin Gardener as dual threat quarterbacks in their offense, because I am a dual threat quarterback myself."

Spence also found out exactly where he stands with the Wolverines.

"I talked with Coach Singletary for the most part," Spence said. "I will be getting my film to him as well as other members of the staff to be evaluated, so that we can move along further in the process."

Several other schools have expressed new interest in the De La Salle signal caller.

"Georgia Tech and Mississippi State have started recruiting me as well," Spence said. "I am headed down to Florida State this weekend and hopefully Notre Dame in the near future."

He added, "I had a great time the last time I visited for the FSU spring game, and I am looking forward to experiencing the game day atmosphere this time."

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