Murphy Motivated by Early Interest

Lake Michigan Catholic (Mich.) class of 2015 offensive tackle Dekurtis Murphy is an intriguing young prospect who has visited Michigan State a couple times this year.

Lake Michigan Catholic in St. Josephs, is not a big school. The average class size is 35 students, but there is a rich tradition of athletics and academics there.

There is a potential big talent in the halls though, as 6'5, 302-lb sophomore Dekurtis Murphy has the size and athleticism to be a highly recruited player. He just needs to continue learning.

"This was my second year of playing football," he explained. "Both years I played varsity. I've always really been a basketball guy, but one time I went to Georgia with my grandma and she wanted to play football with some of the other kids. Once I played, she told me I should really go for it. Her and my mom encouraged me and that's what I did."

After naturally going through some initial difficulties, Murphy has continued to work and learn, and it is paying dividends.

"People have noticed [improvement]. I have lot of people come to me tell me I should stick to the sport. It was different this year. I've gotten a lot better. It was really tough at first because I didn't know anything."

What really came as a surprise was when college attention started coming.

"I was really shocked when Michigan State and Toledo sent me messages. I was really surprised. I didn't think I was that good. I still a lot of stuff to work on to make me that good."

Murphy will still play basketball this year, and will also use the off-season for conditioning, weight training and football camps.

He has already had a chance to visit Michigan State twice this year, including last Saturday's game against Northwestern. Seeing a college game live has furthered his desire to play on the next level.

"It just gave me a reason to play football. It gave me this mindset that I'm going to do this no matter what. I'm going to work hard to get to what I want to do and where I want be."

The Spartan coaches have advised him to do just that.

"I've talked to Mark Staten, he's the offensive line coach. He wants me to keep working hard as well. I sent him video of my highlights. He said keep going at it. You have work for it, it can't just be given to me."

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