Isaac Up to Six Offers

Brian Isaac signed on with Co-Lin out of Natchez High School in hopes of boosting his stock as a college football prospect. After winning a state championship, Isaac has seen his offer list grow from two options to six in a pretty big hurry. More schools continue to collect information on the hard hitting Isaac, so more offers may soon be on the way.

Brian Isaac profile

"I have two new offers," said the personable Isaac. "Texas Southern and North Carolina at Pembroke both offered me.

"That gives me six now."

Isaac held previous offers from Alcorn State, Delta State, Jackson State and Southern Arkansas.

"I was supposed to visit Delta State on December 7th, but I think that date is going to change," said Isaac. "I think they want to bring me in later.

"I am probably going to Texas Southern that weekend now."

Isaac reports that he has a lot of thinking to do.

"In high school, all I did was wonder why I wasn't getting offers," said Isaac. "Now I have all of these schools to look at.

"You have to be careful though, because they might just tell you something to get you to come up there.

"When they tell me they don't have any junior or senior safeties for next year, I go look at their roster to see if they are telling me the truth.

"I just want to do my research and find the best place for me to go to school and go play."

Isaac has found something to like about all of the schools that have offered him.

"Alcorn is not that far from home and they seem like they want me to come there," said Isaac.

"I like to win and Jackson State is playing in the SWAC championship game. That is something I am looking at.

"Texas Southern is in Houston and that's a big city. If I left the state, that wouldn't be bad. There is a lot to do out there.

"Delta State is trying to go win championships and they win up there too.

"Southern Arkansas and North Carolina at Pembroke are schools I don't know a lot about, but it's somewhere different and that can be good too."

Isaac reports that he is still wide open and he believes some other offers will come in before he has to put pen to paper in late December.

"I have heard from a lot of schools, so I think some more are going to offer me," said Isaac. "You just never know what is going to happen or who is going to need help.

"Southern Miss is one I am watching. I don't know what happened there, but they might need somebody like me to come in and help turn things around.

"I am just going to wait and see what all happens before I make a decision."

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