Rowlinson Commits to Yale

Blown away by an Ivy League education and rich football tradition, Blake Rowlinson has plans to leave a legacy of his own. The senior receiver made his commitment to Yale in order to "lay a foundation for life after football."

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"The decision is final…I made my commitment to Yale."

2013 WR Blake Rowlinson made his decision on the wings of an official visit to the school just weeks ago.

"It came down to remembering that official visit," Rowlinson said of the determining factors in his commitment. "The atmosphere there...the tradition of the people who've gone there before.

"To play for a school with tradition like that is an [amazing] experience."

Rowlinson, in his final year at Alpharetta High School (GA), was previously committed to Troy. Although the southern native will now be hundreds of miles from home, his family connection stretches across the country.

"I'm lucky. Most of my family is from New Jersey, which is only a couple of hours away," Rowlinson explained. "It'll be an easy transition. I have a lot of family up there to support me. My parents have made the pledge to come up to as many games as possible."

Rowlinson cites his relationships with the coaching staff and an Ivy League education as the other factors in his decision.

"The receivers coach [Kevin Cahill] is also my recruiting coordinator, so I've been in contact with him throughout the entire process," Rowlinson said. "He's a great guy. I feel like he's going to be a great coach for me for the next four years. I've gotten the best feeling from him over any other coach that I've talked to."

Head Coach Tony Reno, in his first year at Yale, has taken the reigns of the 2013 class behind a vow to change the landscape of football recruiting.

"Coach Reno does a great job recruiting," Rowlinson said. "He recruited a bunch of guys to Harvard and they always have a good team. He's bringing his recruiting philosophy to Yale. This year, and the years to come, will bring in some great recruiting classes.

"I think we could win an Ivy League Championship."

Accustomed to an up-tempo offense, Rowlinson feels he'll have a chance to make an immediate impact. "I can help bring a good tempo and excitement to their offense," he explained. "When I watched the Auburn v. Yale game, I heard the comment made, 'Yale doesn't have any of those Georgia boys.' I want to represent Georgia up there next year."

Rowlinson is also a high school senior of the rare mindset on life after football.

"I'm so excited to play for them," Rowlinson said. "But the education is what sets Yale apart. It's not the four years that make your's the years after. Yale will provide a great foundation for me to set myself up for success.

"The legacy at Yale," Rowlinson continued, "hopefully, my kids will go there, then my grandkids will go there...we will start to build a legacy as well."

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