Third visit coming up for Cochran

There are a lot of teams around the nation still looking for help at the offensive tackle position and there aren't a lot of tackles that have the size of Aaron Cochran. Cochran had a good Thanksgiving Day, but the vacation could have been better as his team was beaten in the third round on Friday.

Aaron Cochran from Atwater (Calif.) Buhach County saw his senior year come to an end after a third round loss in the playoffs on Friday. Cochran says that his team didn't finish drives that got into the red zone.

"We lost on Friday night," Cochran said. "We lost in the third round of the playoffs. We didn't really get it done on offense. It was execution. We got to the red zone six times and only scored twice."

Cochran is disappointed that his season is over. He sums up the season as a success though. He knows that his team played well all year and he sees the improvements he's made going all the way back to his sophomore year.

"I would say that we had a successful year making it to the third round of playoffs. From my sophomore year on varsity to my junior year I went from learning the plays to understanding the offense.

"When I got past knowing who to block and where to go. I think that I moved onto getting off on the ball quick, where to go, where to place my hands and overall technique."

Recruiting is still steady, not a lot of new action for Cochran, but he says that it's clear that everyone that has offered still wants him. There are those that are the major players though for his services right now based on their calls to him.

"Recruiting has stopped as far as new offers. Everyone that has offered me still wants me. I really only hear from a few schools now though.

"I hear from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Fresno State, California, Washington State and Arizona. Those are the only schools that really call. I still get letters from everywhere."

Two visits are in the books for Cochran with a third visit schedule for this weekend. The fourth school that Cochran seemed to be considering the most is going through a head coaching change. Cochran says that the pending head coaching hire doesn't bother him.

"I have been to Nebraska and Oklahoma. I go to Arizona this weekend. The head coaching change at Cal really doesn't bother me. I am not choosing a school based on the head coach.

"My brother is there and that's really a big reason why I am considering them. I am going to make the best possible decision for me, but if it's not to Cal I won't be able to see him."

The two official visits that Cochran has taken seemed pretty similar to him. He gave one school the edge with their facilities, but said that the game day atmospheres and college life seemed pretty comparable.

"Nebraska and Oklahoma are pretty similar. I thought Nebraska had better facilities, but I thought that they were the same. They both had great atmospheres on game day and college life seemed real nice."

Cochran will have three visits in the books after this weekend, a fourth to Cal might be pending a head coaching hire, but he says that he has his mind made up when he will announce his college decision. "I am going to commit during the Semper Fidelis U.S. Marine All-American game on January 4th."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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