Ex-Auburn Commit Has Four in Mind

NEWARK, Del. -- Jahmere Irvin-Sills was committed to Auburn since the summer, but that is no longer the case. He is looking at new schools, and four are standing out, and he broke down each one with FOXSportsNEXT.

The change in coaches at Auburn has led to volatility with the Tigers' recruiting, and Eastern Christian Academy (Elkton, Md.) cornerback Jahmere Irvin-Sills is in the middle of it.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound Irvin-Sills opened up his recruitment almost immediately after coach Gene Chizik was fired, Irvin-Sills began looking at other options, and as of Friday late afternoon he had not spoken to new coach Gus Malzahn nor any members of his staff.

"Right now I'm open," Irvin-Sills said. "It's crazy, but it's the process, and you have to go through the process of where you want to be, where you want to play and what you want to study because you have to be there for four years. It's process.

"Right now I'm open and West Virginia is in the mix. So is Mississippi, and I'm talking to UCLA. Other schools can get in the mix. I'm not ruling anybody out."

Irvin-Sills said he does not know anything about Malzahn, but if he wants to get some insight in the next few weeks he won't have to go far. Auburn defensive tackle Angelo Blackstone played at Red Lion Christian (Bear, Del.), which is the program Eastern Christian Academy broke off from to form its own.

"We have a tight bond," Irvin-Sills said. "When I went down there a few times, the fans are crazy and it's in the SEC. Who wouldn't like it?"

The new program in the mix for Irvin-Sills is UCLA, where former teammate Eli Ankou is a freshman.

"Eli is out there, and I went out there twice to visit with my sister because she likes it there," Irvin-Sills. "It's beautiful out there. The campus is beautiful. I saw the facilities and everything is nice. There are beautiful people there. You can't go wrong with that, and it's perfect weather."

Irvin-Sillis also likes how UCLA's roster looks, and the background of coach Jim Mora Jr.

"I know their two starting corners are leaving," Irvin-Sills said. "They have a bunch of young guys that are just like me out there. The head coach is a defensive guy, so that's a plus. And I believe I could go in and show my talents start early because I don't think there would be a corner at UCLA that has my mentality. I believe I can come in and do my thing early."

West Virginia breeds familiarity since the Eastern Christian Academy receiver Dakiel Shorts and running back Wendell Smallwood, both of whom are on official visits to Morgantown, W.V., this weekend.

"They're in a pass happy league," Irvin-Sills said. "I believe I could go in and play right away. It definitely attracts me to them that I could go in there and play early and do my thing."

The schools Irvin-Sills knows the least about is Mississippi, where he has never been.

"The coach hit me up a month ago, saying how they need corners," Irvin-Sills said. "I would go to a school if they need me, not just want me. If you need me to come in and play, and if I like the campus and I like the school, then you can't go wrong with that."

Irvin-Sills is yet to make any official visits, and he does not have any scheduled yet.

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