Coach Speak: Ricky Seals-Jones

When talking about new Texas A&M commitment Ricky Seals-Jones, Sealy coach Jimmie Mitchell is quick to point out his star player's intangibles....

"They're getting a quality person," Mitchell said. "That's been the No. 1 thing with me since the beginning in this recruiting process. He's a great kid, you're going to be able to count on him. He keeps his nose clean, doesn't get in trouble, takes care of his grades, he's a good example. That's uno, number one with him."

But make no mistake: the athletic gifts are there. In Seals-Jones, the Aggies are getting a player who can pass, run, catch, block and tackle. And Mitchell said that variety of talents makes him less likely to bust at the next level.

"I think Ricky's a wide receiver," Mitchell said. "But Ricky played quarterback for us. I think if he really focused on quarterback, he could be a great quarterback. He played safety for us. He was a wonderful safety. Of course, he's 6-6 230, so he could go into any of the defensive end spots or tight end spots.

"So there's a multitude of things I think his size and abilities are going to allow him to do," Mitchell said. "I don't think there's a big risk in the bust part of that thing as maybe some recruits who play [one] position might be."

Mitchell said he saw the potential in Seals-Jones early on, and that he worked hard to get the most out of his physical talents.

"When I took this job, he was in seventh grade, and he and Jowan Davis — Jowan is going to Rice — you could tell right then that they were head-and-shoulders above the kids they were playing," Mitchell said. "We're big on discipline around here. We were able to get [him] disciplined and get in the weight room. Ricky's been lifting weights since he was in seventh grade. We got him big and strong and got him in track and got him doing the right things. We knew that he would really be something special."

At the heart of that is Seals-Jones's astounding athleticism for a player his size.

"Our nationally televised game, I saw him running downfield, and I thought I felt the wind blow by," Mitchell said. "I'm not even sure how fast he is now. I know he's consistently gotten faster since he was younger just as he grows into that body. He's legit. I wouldn't doubt if he was in the top 4.3-area right now."

Of course, the primary goal of a wide receiver in a spread system is to make plays in space. And Mitchell said that's the tantalizing part of his pupil: Seals-Jones is flat-out deadly once he reaches the last level of defense.

"When he's in the secondary, defensive backs are not as big as he is, and he's as fast, or faster, than they are," Mitchell said. "You're normally dealing with arm tackles or tackles coming from awkward places, and they can't get him down. His stiff arm comes from a long ways away. So when he gets into the secondary, he's really hard for them to get him down."

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