Tech Commits Still On Board

Two College of Sequoias (Calif.) defensive backs and Texas Tech commits aren't wavering...

Though Tommy Tuberville's departure from Texas Tech caught them by surprise, College of Sequoias (Calif.) defensive backs Stormey Butler and Darren Doston aren't wavering.

The teammates are committed to the Red Raiders, and while there was talk about several of Tech's commits following Tuberville and some assistants to Cincinnati, that won't be the case with Butler and Doston.

"Someone said that the former Tech staff was trying to take their commits with them to Cincinnati, and our guys, Darren and Stormey, were who they were talking about," said Fred Zepeda, the COS secondary coach.

But Zepeda shot that down quickly.

"It's not true," said Zepeda. "They're committed to Texas Tech and that's where they're going."

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