Jamabo Bursts onto the Scene

Jamabo is a name to know. The young 2015 star is a prospect in the rise and he'll have numerous offers to choose from.

It's never too early to start looking for "the next big thing" and Sontonye Jamabo is making sure he gets his name thrown into the mix as soon as possible. The gifted 6'2" 195 pound running back, out of Plano West, is drawing comparisons to some of the legendary runners to come out of Texas throughout the years. Although he's just a sophomore, he's already grabbed the attention of the top programs in the country.

"It's been pretty exciting to be getting interest from colleges early on in my career" said Jamabo. "It's going well right now and I'm just trying to play my game right now and focus on that."

It's not every day that a runner with this blend of size and speed comes along so when they do, you tend to sit up and take notice. Playing in a tough 5A district in Texas is hard for any running back, but for Jamabo, it was the stage he needed to prove that he's already one of the state's best players, regardless of classification.

On the season, the talented sophomore carried the ball 243 times for 1,697 yards and 27 touchdowns. That's a staggering 7 yards per carry for a young man that just turned 16 years old. It's no wonder that the who's who of college football are already in hot pursuit. So has the young, emerging star had time to sit back and reflect on the numbers he just posted or has it not quite sunk in yet?

"It hit me after the season" said Jamabo. "During the season I was just worried about trying to get wins but after the season, it was pretty amazing to know that I could do that as a sophomore in Texas 5A football."

The young Plano West phenom says that he has even bigger plans for 2013 and 2014 and he knows that his work in the offseason will determine how much better he'll become.

"I'd like to play at about 210 next year" he said. "I want to put on a lot of muscle, get bigger, get faster and just work on my game so that I'll be better next year."

That has to be a scary thought for future opponents but for Jamabo, the sky's the limit and he plans on pushing himself as far as he can.

Jamabo knows the season he just completed gave him the utmost confidence anytime he stepped on the field and from here on out, he says he'll feel confident in his abilities regardless of his opponent.

"It gives me so much confidence to know that I can control my own destiny on the field" said the young star. "I know that I can do what I have to do if I just play hard and I'll come out successful."

"You have to have confidence that you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish."

Although he doesn't currently hold an offer, it's very clear at this point that Jamabo will have his choice of schools when the offers start flooding in. So which schools has he heard from and which schools are standing out at this early juncture?

"I like Ohio State, Oregon, Texas A&M, schools like that" he said. "I'm just trying to keep my options open because it' so early but soon enough I'll start narrowing them down."

So what about the Horned Frogs in all of this? Does the local team have a shot or does Jamabo have eyes for an out of state school?

"Oh yes, definitely, I have an interest in the Horned Frogs" said Jamabo when asked about TCU. "I was actually just talking to one of my coaches about them today and he was asking me if I like TCU at all and yeah, I like TCU, I'll look into them."

Luckily for the Horned Frogs, Jamabo will just be a junior next year and TCU will be one of the favorites to win the Big 12 in 2013. That can't hurt the Frogs' chances for landing the 2015 star. With everything that's been said up to this point, no matter how talented a player is, if his grades aren't in order he'll never truly realize his dream of making it big at the next level. Well, good news for any fan base of a school that will be in the running for Jamabo. The young riser knows the importance of an education and is already planning ahead.

"I really want to go somewhere where I can get a great education because if football doesn't work out, I want to have a backup plan for my life" he said. "That's very important to me."

With otherworldly athletic ability and a level head on his shoulders, Jamabo will be a welcome addition to any program lucky enough to have him. Stay logged on to HornedFrogBlitz.com to follow along on this journey until February 2015 and to see if TCU will be in the mix.

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