Kolbe Excited by First Offer

Naperville Central (Ill.) junior quarterback Jake Kolbe talks about receiving his first offer this week.

Naperville Central junior quarterback Jake Kolbe has made a living out of getting rid of the ball quickly, escaping pressure and not letting defenders tee off on him. Hence, when his first offer came this week, it may have been the first time he was blindsided all year.

"It was a pretty big surprise. I really had't been talking to Toledo too much," he said. "Their coach had been by school, but it was still a big surprise. They told me through Facebook. Just basically, we'd like to offer you to play at Toledo and got right to the point of it, no sugar coating."

Kolbe (6'3, 185-lbs), says he is looking forward to seeing more of the Rockets.

"I haven't been there, but I'm definitely going to go to their junior day, go down learn more about their school."

That is just part of what Kolbe plans for an off-season where he hopes to continue to raise his recruiting profile and potentially earn more offers.

"I'm going to the Core 6 Showcase. That, and probably go to a couple of junior days whenever I get invited to them."

There are several schools who are likely to invite Kolbe down, as they are currently in contact.

"Illinois [came to the school] and Toledo did; not that many came there. I've gotten mail from Illinois, Boston College, Ball State, Iowa State, Iowa, Indiana, those schools."

When Kolbe makes a decision, style of offense may factor in. His first offer is from a spread team and he believes that is a good fit.

"We run a lot like that. We probably throw more than we run with the quarterback. I didn't get huge opportunities to run, but I feel like I can."

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