O-D Bowl: American Practice Report

PASADENA, Texas -- Scout.com breaks down the AM and PM practices sessions and standout performances for the National Team at the Offense-Defense Bowl...

American (Red) Practice AM Report
By: Ahmard Vital

Though the footing was bad, looking at the offensive lineman, Missouri City (Texas) Marshall tackle Maurice Porter look pretty good during the inside drills. He was working from the left tackle position and showed great footwork and the ability to pull backside as the lead blocker for the backs.

RB Keyante Green a Purdue commit from the state of Georgia was a back who caught our attention. When Green took the handoffs, it was impressive to see him focus on securing the football and being able to read his blocks and makes the cuts almost simultaneously. The combination ability and vision is what set him apart during the day's workouts.

Tavares Garner, cornerback from Manvel (Texas) and Texas A&M commit showed why he is one of the top cover corners in the state. Even with the weather issues, Garner made plays on the ball that some of the other backs were not able to. He has a great knack for finding the ball to break up passes and his aggressive style of play will always be an asset for him as he attacks the football, not the player, which keeps him from getting flagged for interference in a game-like setting.

Michigan State commit, linebacker Shane Jones from Moeller (Ohio) is a big, fast backer who can close as fast as a safety. Watching him run pursuit was a thing of beauty as one can tell that he can really bring it once the full pads are put on. It's also evident that he has a high football IQ in reading his keys to be able to properly anticipate where the ball is going. And more times than not, he was correct.

Defensive tackle Hardreck Walker, from Spring (Texas) Westfield took on many double teams throughout the day. And though the scrimmages were not all the way live, the future Texas A&M defender stayed active and got a great push against the center and guards he faced. At times he would get a bit, which allowed him to get moved out of the play, but when he kept his leverage and fired off low and worked his way up to split the double, he was effective.

American (Red) Practice PM Report
By: Greg Powers

Texas A&M is getting a great haul in CB Tavares Garner and WR Kyrion Parker -- a duo from Manvel (Texas) High. Garner has great feet and is well-schooled with his technique and footwork in the drills. Parker is a big, smooth receiver. He gets open and makes sound catches. He has an edge to his game. It can work against his game at times, but it is also what gives him an edge competitively.

Stanvon Taylor from Tulsa (Okla.) East Central High will play corner back at Oklahoma, but looked mighty good at wide receiver in the afternoon practices. He has a high level of athleticism is through the roof. He can run, cut and turn on a dime. He made some great catches in one-on-one portions against solid defensive backs. He has a great vertical and above average hands. Gets the comparison to Ryan Broyles, but may remind OU fans more of a bigger version of Demontre Hurst.

Durham Smythe from Belton (Texas) High and Mitch Parsons from Chaparral (Colo.) High create some kind of duo at tight end. I would give the edge to Smythe in the passing game and to Parsons at the point of attack at the line, but its close all the way around. Both are really good. They are throwback tight ends who take the craft seriously and they took today's practice very seriously. They also both look to have the type of frame that can hold the necessary weight to hold off big, powerful defensive ends at the point of attack, especially Smythe who is taller. Both are uncommitted.

Iowa commit Solomon Warfield from Lakewood (Ohio) St Edward's High is listed at safety, but looked really good playing corner. He could probably play either position once he gets to college. He has quick feet and is a physical presence at corner. He was holding his own against the talented receivers and had some close fought and well combated reps in the one-on-ones.

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