Analysis: USC commits on West team offense

NCSA Director of Recruiting Randy Taylor joins FOX Sports NEXT to break down the play of USC commits at the Army All-American Bowl. Check out what he saw from the guys on on the West team's offense below...

Randy Taylor is the Director of Recruiting at NCSA Athletic Recruiting and has over 30 years of experience in college football including time on the staffs at Illinois, UCLA, and Minnesota.

Max Browne
"Max kind of had a little bit of a slower start. First of all it was in the rain, but what Max does is he has great size, he understands the game, he noticed where everybody was on the field, he seems to pick that up pretty simply, I thought he threw the ball fairly accurate, but in these situations you can't judge too much negative on them. Max looks like he reads the defense, understands where the players are, is accurate, and makes the throws." – Randy Taylor

Steven Mitchell
"I love Steven Mitchell and watching him. First of all it seems like he loves the game, he's jumping up and down, running around, hi-fiving everybody, he has such great feet and runs great routes. He's one of those kids that's undersized and he's not real heavy, so to me he's a slot guy who you don't want a defender to get their hands on him, once he's in the open he will have great separation from the defensive players because of that great feet quickness, his ability to – he's a smart kid as well, runs smart routes, sticks his foot in the ground and changes directions. He'll be able to get separation on almost anybody. He catches the ball and will be fun to watch after the catch. He'll probably be a return guy as well." – Randy Taylor

Justin Davis
"Justin to me, again in the rain it's hard to watch running backs because they're planting and things are a little bit more cautious, but what he has is a great body and he's going to get bigger, faster, stronger. He will be a load when he gets at SC and really has some time to get in that weight room, right now he's a load. He's a thick kid, he runs well, he caught the ball pretty well in the rain and yesterday morning. He is an all-around back that looks like he will be able to come in and help if needed in the backfield for the Trojans." – Randy Taylor

Nico Falah
"Nico athletically, he was one of my favorite linemen of the week. He is a terrific athlete – kneebender, kick-step, really good fundamentally already. I think he could play left-tackle, he could play center. He is that athletic. I loved everything about Nico and thought he was the best lineman of both teams." – Randy Taylor

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