Mike McCray Recovering & Recruiting

The Michigan commit on rehabbing from surgery, recruiting recruiting Reon Dawson and Derrick Green, a potential baseball career in Ann Arbor, and more.

Sam Webb: Mike, no shoulder pads because you are recovering from an injury. First of all, update us on what exactly happened, and what the recovery process is going to be like.

Michael McCray: "I had torn my labrum last year, junior year, and they told me at the end of the year, if I had surgery I wouldn't be able to play my senior year, or I could just wait it out and get it after senior year, and I wanted to play senior year, because that's a good memory to have, so I got it afterwards, three weeks ago. Now I'm just getting ready for rehab."

Sam Webb: So how did that impact you during the year? I mean, did it limit you a great deal?

Michael McCray: "No, it didn't limit me, because I didn't really think about it when I was out there, but sometimes I would feel the pain, but I wouldn't really think about it because all my momentum, and adrenaline and stuff was running, so I wouldn't really think about it."

Sam Webb: Alright, so you're back in April, and then I imagine that gives you a little time to train before you report to Michigan, right?

Michael McCray: "The person I'm doing my therapy with, I'm really doing my therapy and I'm training at the same time, so I really won't be missing out."

Sam Webb: Let's talk a little bit about – I mean, you got some future teammates out here. What's it been like to hang out with them this week?

Michael McCray: "It's been good. They're real funny; good guys to hang out with. Just getting used to them, because I'm going to be with them for the next four to five years."

Sam Webb: Have you guys gotten together and tried to court any of the uncommitted prospects around here? Are you talking to anybody about Michigan?

Michael McCray: "Not really, because pretty much everybody here is already committed somewhere, and people I know really don't have Michigan in their top, so the people I'm looking for, that I'm really trying to get here, is Derrick Green, and my teammate Reon Dawson."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about Reon Dawson. I talked a little bit to Reon last week, and he said he is torn. He committed to Illinois, but he said Michigan is all around me. He said Mike and his dad are working me all the time. So, give me an example of the pitch. What do you say to him?

Michael McCray: "I just tell him about everything I know about Michigan; about the tradition and all that stuff that I learned, that I didn't even know, and then I just tell him about Illinois like I will tell him that they – not that they suck, but they don't really win as much as we do, or are going to, so I just – because he told me that he wants to win, so I'm like, just telling him about Michigan, because they're getting back to winning again."

Sam Webb: He said that even without going up there on his official yet, he is really interested, so you know him. I mean, that's your guy. How good of a chance do you think Michigan has at him?

Michael McCray: "I think they have a pretty good chance, because I've known Reon since about 6th grade, probably even earlier than that, because I know how Reon thinks sometimes. He gets a little nervous because he doesn't want to hurt people's feelings, and stuff like that, so I think we can get him, and I hope we can get him, so just have to wait it out."

Sam Webb: Tell us about his game. He started off thinking he was a basketball guy. I mean, you're a two sport guy too. He realized he's a football guy, so tell us about Reon Dawson on the football field.

Michael McCray: "He's a great athlete. He's long; runs like a 4.3. If he gets beat, he can make up for it with his speed. He's tall, about 6'2", my height, and he's just a good athlete. He got better tackling this year, because last year he really wasn't that good, and he really focused on making tackles this year, and he got a lot better."

Sam Webb: Alright, so let's get back to you. Before we talk about the football field, and any chance that Mike McCray swings the bat for Michigan? Any chance at all?

Michael McCray: "I'm still thinking about it. Kind of walk on and see if I can get a scholarship, but I don't know yet."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about your game. You said you are still going to be able to compete on time, be ready to go. What position are they talking to you about now as things kind of moved around with some of the guys that are there, what are they envisioning you as at Michigan?

Michael McCray: "They said either – maybe all three, because I can do all three, because I did it all through high school, so they've really talked about Mike and Will, and little bit of Sam, but it really doesn't matter to me."

Sam Webb: You don't really have a preference?

Michael McCray: "I just want to play."

Sam Webb: Derrick Green. You talked about him a little bit. What about Derrick Green. What kind of shot do you think Michigan has with him? What have you been saying to him, and what has he been saying back?

Michael McCray: "I think we can get him, because he said we're number one, and his other top two, the head coaches left and went somewhere else, so I think we have a good chance."

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