New Math

At 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, Ray Davison will be the biggest accountant you'll ever meet. The only question for the Encino (Calif.) Crespi defensive end now is, where he'll get is degree.

Three-star Encino (Calif.) Crespi defensive end has been waiting quite a long time to get his offer from California, and after committing to Northwestern, he thought it simply wouldn't come. Now, though, the long, lean, athletic defender who posted a 3.71 GPA this past semester has some calculus to do.

"I've already looked online, and I want to become a CPA, so as far as looking at accounting programs for both Cal and Northwestern, Cal ranks a little bit higher than Northwestern," Davison said on Tuesday night. "That's definitely coming into play with my decision."

Davison -- who holds a cumulative GPA of over 3.5 -- is as much a scholar as he is an athlete, and now, he has his pick of two of the best schools in the country.

"That's the beauty of it," Davison said. "That's what my coach was telling me. He's like, ‘You definitely have two schools in your hands. It's not a hit-and-miss. You just hit.'"

Davison is being recruited as a hybrid defensive end/linebacker, and recorded 55 tackles, six sacks and even a fumble recovery for a touchdown this season for the Celts.

Two of Davison's teammates are also in the Cal crosshairs, including defensive backs Tyler Foreman and Oregon State commit Brandon Arnold, both of whom received in-home visits on Saturday from Bears defensive backs coach Randy Stewart.

"It was exciting, and I definitely wish it came a little bit earlier," Davison chuckled. "But, right now, I'm committed to Northwestern, and it's definitely making my choice difficult. I'm definitely sitting down with my parents and looking at my options and which fits best. I'm really excited about the offer."

The offer is problematic, in a sense, because the Wildcats have made it plain that if Davison takes official visits, the scholarship will be pulled. That puts Davison in quite a bind.

"We've already been talking about setting up a pros and cons list for both schools," said Davison, who's already started breaking down both schools with his parents. "We're kind of just weighing everything out and seeing what we're working with. We've already been to Northwestern, so we already know what they have to offer, and it seems like we kind of have to look at Cal kind of blindly, in a way, because we're not allowed to visit without losing that scholarship to Northwestern."

Of course, with family in Northern California and good friend and former teammate Chris Harper already having just completed a sparkling true freshman season in Berkeley, Davison already has a good feel about the school, the program and the area.

"I talked to him today, too. He was trying to sell me," laughed Davison. "He was telling me all the good things about Cal, and that he likes it up there and he thinks that I would like it, too. We'll see what I do."

Davison has also spoken with both Foreman and Arnold about the possibility of coming to Cal as a group.

"I was just playing basketball with Brandon, and he was hoping that they would come through, as well," Davison said. "My friend Tyler is also telling me to go, but we'll see what they do."

Davison has no shortage of voices in his ears telling him that Berkeley would be the best place for him, but ultimately, his final decision will come down to the next two days.

"It'll take probably about a couple days, most likely. I have to get some input from some of my close coaches," Davison said. "I've already kind of been to Cal because I have family up there and I've already visited up there [unofficially]. We kind of already know what we're getting, so we're going to lay it down at the dinner table, write down everything and see what's best and make our decision ... A lot of my friends are telling me to go, but I'm looking at what's best for me."

Ryan Gorcey publishes Cal Sports Digest and writes about Major League Baseball for Fox Sports Next. Follow him on Twitter @RGBearTerritory.

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