Swanton on the Radar

One of the top 2015 prospects in the state, DeForest offensive lineman Ben Swanton is already getting interest from Wisconsin.

MADISON - The recruiting process over the years has sped up with kids getting recruited younger and younger. Wisconsin is following up like the rest of country getting a head start on kids and one of them happens to be in its backyard with Deforest sophomore offensive lineman Ben Swanton, who reached the varsity level this past season.

"I like to think that this season was a building block type of year," Swanton told Badger Nation. "I was very happy to reach my goal of making varsity and having the opportunity to play on varsity. It was well deserved and my coach loved the heck out of me. The coaches and players were great on learning to play at the varsity level, so it was a great football experience for me. Hope to be a big contributor to my team next year."

Swanton's sophomore season was a continuation of an intense summer on the camp circuit. In addition to going to the Wisconsin and Ohio State camps, Swanton also participated in the National Underclassmen Combine and won the offensive linemen MVP at the event.

"I thought I did really good," said Swanton. "I think I would say that on the field I got a strong work ethic, give high intensity, being a tough, got quick feet and I'm very aggressive. I can give my quarterback all the time he needs.

"This summer at the Wisconsin camp, I was training with the Wisconsin offensive line coaches and they pulled me aside to say how impress they were with my effort and technique. I think that they really like my great footwork and that is hard to teach. I wasn't the biggest kid there, but I still dominated my one on one and dominated other athletes that were older than me. The coaches said sometimes dynamite comes in different packages and I think I am just that."

The 6-0, 235-pound bruiser is just underway with his recruitment. After already met with Michigan State and Michigan, Swanton will take visits to Minnesota, Iowa, Rutgers, Maryland and Wisconsin over the next several weeks.

"Recruiting is going great," said Swanton. ‘I am having a great success with Division 1, 2 and 3 colleges looking at my recruiting profile. I expect when September 1 arrives when schools can call me, then I will start to have a good amount of phone calls coming my way.

"I got a couple invites to the Michigan State camp, I plan on attending the Wisconsin football camp and the Ohio State camp, so they can look at me more up close because they wanted to come back next year."

The new staff at Wisconsin under Coach Gary Andersen has some work to do to make sure those in-state relationships with high school coaches are kept. Swanton is a prime target they will be keeping an eye on like the previous staff was doing.

"I haven't talked to the new staff, but this past summer I talked with the last offensive line coach in Coach Markuson. He pulled me aside and told me he liked me so much that he gave me a nickname; ‘the yellow truck from Deforest.' I am hoping to met with the current offensive line coach and recruiting coach after my visits to Iowa and Minnesota."

Growing up in Wisconsin and having two parents graduate from the school, it should come as no surprise that the young talented lineman loves the tradition from the program and the great players to come from the offensive lines. Swanton is home grown and has a family of Badgers, as well.

"I just love Wisconsin," he said. "I haven't grown up anywhere else, but the opportunity to play for Wisconsin would be a lifetime opportunity, especially with the in-state offensive linemen tradition. I am just a heck of a lineman and would love to be a part of that tradition. I have grown up watching the Badgers and even getting a Wisconsin costume for Halloween of a Wisconsin football uniform. My whole family is a big Wisconsin fans, so they love for me to play there."

Swanton might not be the biggest or strongest offensive linemen yet, but makes up for it with great intensity and technique when he hits the field.

"I would describe my game with a high athletic IQ and capable of focusing with a high intensity level. I got power, quickness and can get under others pad level. Coaches love me because I win my one on one all the times. The way I play offensive line, I like to think I can frustrate defensive linemen and punish linebackers."

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